MEGA MAN X DiVE Guide: Tips & strategies to beat all bosses

MEGA MAN X DiVE is a brand new Action game. In this article, you will get guidance and tips on MEGA MAN X DiVE with amazing few strategies.

MEGA MAN X DiVE guide tips

Mega Man X DiV” is a mobile game launched by CAPCOM Taiwan. The story sets the in-depth log file of “Rockman X” to protect the computer world of the “Rockman X” series of game data.

Among them, “you” who is the player also keeps the memory of the game. The deep record file caused program anomalies due to unknown reasons, which caused the levels, irregularities, and characters in the series of “Rockman X” to be staggered due to incorrect data.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Guide: Tips to beast all bosses

Do reroll and get best heroes & weapons

MEGA MAN X DiVE is a supported reroll. So if you just start the game, then I strongly recommend you go for rerolling first.


The reroll is to help you to get the best starter heroes.

The reroll is to help you to get the best starter heroes. However, in this game, you will get weapons by doing rerolling.

Check out our reroll guide on MEGA MAN X DiVE that helps you to understand how to reroll in the MEGA MAN X DiVE.


S Heroes Tier List

  • Black Zero
  • Cinnamon
  • First Armor X

A Heroes Tier List

  • Zero
  • Alia
  • Vile
  • Marino

B Heroes Tier List

  • X
  • Massimo
  • Axl
  • Pallette


S Weapons Tier List

  • Biochemical Buster
  • Sniper buster
  • Crimson Scythe
  • Demon blade Maramasa
  • Beam machine gun
  • Purgatory machine gun
  • Poisonous cloud spray gun
  • Electric current spray gun
  • Extraordinary mortar
  • Napalm’s head

A Tier Weapons list

  • Arrow Buster
  • Shadow Blade buster
  • Triangular saber
  • Elite Lance
  • Gatling Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Snowy spray gun
  • Crushing spray gun
  • Lightwave cannon
  • Drill head cannon

B Tier weapons list

  • Military buster
  • Wind pressure busters
  • Beam rapier
  • Laser rife
  • Triangle gun
  • High-speed rifle
  • Gas emitter
  • Compress spray gun
  • Burning spray gun
  • cannon
  • Energy cannon

Choose character wisely

In “Mega Man X DiVE”, the total combat power of the character is very important, because it will affect the character’s attack power and survivability. In other words, the higher the character’s total combat power, the more challenging levels the player can challenge and not hang up so fast!

However, it can be said that it is very “livery” to effectively enhance combat effectiveness.


In terms of weapons, in addition to upgrading the weapon level, players must also modify the weapons.

These changes have a direct impact on the player ’s character’s attack power, health, crit rate, etc., so I recommend players to When changing the attack power and health value, increase the output and survivability of the character

When the player’s weapon upgrades “star”, you can also equip the weapon with special skills.

In addition, when players defeat Boss, they will also get their chips to strengthen their weapons.

Enhancing your character regularly

Back to the role upgrade, players also need to upgrade the character’s “star” to enhance the character’s skills and unlock new skills.

In addition, each attack skill has multiple different passive skills to support it, which will affect The character’s skill CD time, additional attributes, etc., even some attack actions will change.


In this way, players still need to spend a lot of money to upgrade weapons, raise the star level of the character, increase the skill level, Boss chip, etc.

Although the player can still use many methods to obtain the fragments of weapons and characters, in addition to a twist.

In fact, players can achieve weapons or character fragments in the breakthrough level to achieve achievements, or in the store, but each character starts from the sporadic.

so players without gold really need to spend a lot of time to improve the role of ” “Star”, “Liver on Liver”!

Gatling machine gun is very suitable for long-distance combat

If the player is a hard-working player and has no confidence in his operation skills, he can consider drawing the Gatling machine gun first.

Because the Gatling machine gun is very suitable for long-distance combat, and the ammunition is very large, suitable for various scenarios.

Melee weapons are one of the hallmarks of the “Mega Man” game series, but the melee weapons are set a bit embarrassing in “Mega Man X DiVE”.

In addition, the number of enemies that appear is very large, and they will approach the player.

Of course, early editors can certainly use the melee weapons to easily kill the enemy, but once they encounter high In difficult levels, melee weapons can hardly be effective. Because at high difficulty levels, players need to wield melee weapons many times before they can kill a wave of enemies.

In addition, the enemies only need to touch the player’s character. HP will be deducted, so the editor will find it safer and more effective to kill the enemy with a long-range weapon to maintain a safe distance. I hope the production team will change this.

PVP mode to allow players to hone their skills!

If players feel that the levels of the “Mega Man X DiVE” game are not challenging enough, in fact, the game also provides a PVP mode to allow players to hone their skills!

However, when I am playing PVP mode, it currently only supports 1 VS 1.

Two players must fight on a big map. Players can use complex map structures to avoid enemies or set up an ambush to attack their enemies.

Although the PVP mode pays attention to the player’s operation technology, to a certain extent, players have an advantage in obtaining S-level characters, because these characters have quite strong attack skills, which can directly take away 50% of the opponent’s HP.

But overall, the pace of the PVP mode is quite fast. If the official 2VS 2 mode is opened in the future, players can study with their teammates on how to match roles and formulate various strategies to add depth to the PVP mode. I believe that having a PVP mode of 2 vs 2 will be a highlight of Mega Man X DiVE.

Make attention of the good weapon

Fortunately, the weapon attack judgment of “Mega Man X DiVE” is not too strict, because almost every weapon will automatically lock the enemy and will not let the player miss the target.

At this time, the player only needs to determine the attack distance and attention of the good weapon.

There is no big problem with the amount of ammunition. It is interesting that Mega Man X DiVE has a large number of weapons for players to choose from, such as arrow cannons, Gatling machine guns, laser rifles, military pistols, elite lances, military light knives, etc.

These weapons can be freely matched Use, each character is not limited to only equipped with specific weapons, which is also a major feature of the game.

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