Mass for the Dead Tier List -Best Characters Guide

There are many characters are in the Overlord mass for the dead game. While making a perfect party in the game, you have to need to understand each character wisely. Regarding this, We have made a tier list for overlord mass for the dead game. Check out the full guide and tier list for Mass for the dead game.

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Mass for the Dead Tier List

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Mass for the Dead Tier List

Below list of best Mass for the dead characters.

  • Demiurge- SS Tier
  • Ainz Momonga – SS Tier
  • Albedo- S Tier
  • Cocytus – S Tier
  • Aura – S Tier
  • Shalltear  – A tier
  • Mare- S Tier


He is one amazing attacker in the Mass for the dead game. He is specializing in fire can also be self-strengthening in-Bafusukiru strong the entire fire damage of-mystery. He can easily do magic damage to all enemies with the Fire element.

Demiurge has two types of buffs, one for magic attack enhancement and one for fire element attack enhancement. It can be said to be an excellent character who can easily raise the firepower because it can increase the hell flame of the skill and the damage of the mystery.

Ainz Momonga

He is one good attacker character in the mass for the dead game. Momonga is an attacking character that damages enemies with the magical attack of the Dark Element. Since he has a ranged attack as a skill, he has a characteristic that it is easy to play an active part in the lap. All passive effects are specialized for increasing firepower.


Albedo is one amazing enhancer character in the Mass for the dead game.  Her HP and defense are higher than other Star 5 character of mass for the dead. So she is one the character that assists with the debuff has high durability and is excellent.


He is one attack in the mass for the dead. Also, He has very high stacking power. He becomes a physical character who attacks with wind-strengthening skills and wind-based attack skills. Since the buff is not mysterious, it is better to attack while basically turning offensive skills.


Aura is one enhancer character in the mass for the dead. She is Very strong against beast species.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

She is one good enhancer in the mass for the dead game. She has a paralyzed skill that can stop the movement of one enemy. She is a very good character as it plays a certain role in any quest.


She is one healer in the mass for the dead. Her healing skills can recover all allies. Also, she is very Strong against magic attacks. If you have a tank character on your side, give it to that character to improve durability.

Mass for the dead A Tier list

  • Yuri Alpha (Pleiadis): Attacker/Power
  • Solution Epsilon (Pleiadis): Enhancer/Yellow
  • CZ2I28 Delta (Pleiadis): Attacker/Green
  • Narberal Gamma (Pleiadis): Attacker/Yellow
  • Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (Pleiadis): Enhancer/Knowledge
  • Lupusregina Beta (Pleiadis): Healer/ Knowledge

Mass for the dead B Tier list

  • Hamusuke (The Forest King): Tank/Green
  • Narberal (Adventurer): Enhancer
  • Quadracile (Aura’s Divine Beast): Enhancer
  • Fenn (Aura’s Divine Beast): Attacker
  • Gazef (Royal Head Warrior): Attacker/Red

Mass for the dead C Tier List

  • Ian (Sunlit Scripture Sgt): Attacker
  • Zaryusu (Strong Lizardman Warrior): Attacker
  • Leinas (Heavy Explosion): Attacker
  • Crusch (White-scaled Beauty): Healer
  • Leinas (Heavy Explosion): Attacker
  • Evileye (Adventurer): Attacker

So this is a tier list for Mass for the dead.

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