MASS FOR THE DEAD reroll guide – Step by Step Guide

MASS FOR THE DEAD is a brand new MMORPG Game by Crunchyroll Games. IN this article, you will get how to reroll in android and as well iOS for Mass for the Dead game.

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The reroll is one best way to get the best gacha or characters at the starting of the game. So most of gacha game support reroll default. Similarly, Mass for the dead support reroll. And you can do rerolling and get the best characters from the game. Now, check out the ultimate guide on rerolling for Mass for the dead game.

MASS FOR THE DEAD reroll guide

In the Mass for the Dead game, reroll is very simple. Just follow below step to do reroll in the game.

  • Download & Install game
  • After installing the game, Download additional data(around 108 MB)
  • Claim Chaos Stone from gift icon
  • Go to Summon > Chaos Summon banner
  • Start spend chaos stones(10 times = 500 chaos stones)
  • If you get best SSR Gacha then Continues, Otherwise Delete Game data & restart the game

Once, you have download and install the game on your device, you have to need to download 108 Additional data for the game.


After download data, Enter your Name. You can change your name later. So never mind.

Once, you enter in the game, just go to Gift and collect all chaos stone. At this time, game giving 1020 chaos stones. This is basic primary stones and using these stones, you will do reroll later. So never start spend its on uncesarry purchasing.


Go to gift and collect all chaos stones

Once, you have collected its, you can start the reroll process in this game. To start the reroll, Just go to summon options where you will get different types of banners. There are many ongoing events as well. Keep in mind that you just need to choose Chaos summon banner to do reroll.

Go to Summon> Chaos Summon Banner and start spending you chaos stones.


You can choose any option. Either choose 1 times or 10 times. 10 times the reroll option need 500 chaos stones and you will get 10 different gacha from the game at the same time. When one time reroll needs 50 chaos stones and you will get only one gacha.

So If you want to fast reroll then choose 10 times, otherwise 1 time is also good. I recommend you choose 10 times to reroll. This is the fastest way.

At the end of the reroll, if you get SSR Gacha then you can go with reroll. Otherwise, keep rerolling until you will not get anyone SSR Unit.

To start second time reroll, Just go to setting> Apps> Mass for the Dead> Clear cache & data. Once, clear this, you can restart the game. And repeat whole this process.

Unfortunately, iOS users can’t do this thing on the iPhone. They just need to download game against after uninstalling it.

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