Marvel Super War: Now Doctor Strange Becomes the Latest Hero

Today, MARVEL Super War starts its first tournament season. This new update will not only reveal the much-awaited hero, the world-famous magician Doctor Strange is confirmed as an additional hero in the upcoming update, but MSW also introduces epic skins for Black Panther, Captain America, and Magneto.

One of the strongest heroes in the universe of Marvel, especially in the world of Gobi, Doctor Strange is certainly not a heroine, his presence certainly makes this game even more lively.

As for the latest skin-related information, for Skins there are 3 heroes who get a new look, of the three heroes who get Epic Skin, one of them can be obtained for free, namely Magneto, where you only have to run the Quest before getting the Skin.

Skin Black Panther and Captain America are both on the theme of Space, but for now, only Black Panther is displayed in the form of the latest Skin, like the video below.


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