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Marvel Super War : Magneto Guide, Skill Build & Review

MARVEL Super War has many different characters, and today we will introduce energy lines as a middle lane runner. That will help support Top lane and bottom lane well, with intense energy and a variety of skills and we will take readers to get to know the ultimate psychic power Erik Lehncher or people who know each other in the name of Magneto.

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Magneto Guide

Magneto Overview
Class Energy
Playing Difficulty  Normal
DPS 8/10
Defense 6/10
Mobility 4/10
Support 4/10

Magneto is a mid lane hero who has enormous energy. And can add all characters With far-flung skills and snatching enemies at all times Because it uses very little energy to release the skill, which is the Magneto 1 skill, high-energy steel ball That can fire continuously at the enemy As well as normal firing at stronger enemies By using any skill, 1 skill followed by a normal shot will cause Magneto to shoot metal at the enemy with strong damage, causing the other to stopper.

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Marvel Super War magneto

In the Early game, playing up the skill 1 2 3 of Magneto before having the skill in normal shooting more. By using the skill and then shoot normally switch back and forth to the opponent. Causing the opponents to not be very close to us.

Because Magneto’s skill and the normal fire is quite violent, not quite dead, but being hit many times, having flown back to the base for sure. The second skill of Magneto is Magnetic radiation penetrating To use for the opponent after we put the skill 1. If we use skill 1 followed by two Will increase damage because the skill 1 will leave the iron ball.

And we use the second skill to push the iron ball to hit the opponent Will increase damage and follow with a normal shot, skill combo 1, normal shot, skill 2 normal shot, has a stopper, and if the opponent runs away The second skill will cause the opponent to slow down. Regardless, it can kill for sure.

Magneto is an energy cable that may look fragile. But in truth his escape skills are very good, especially the skill Strong magnetic shields are an important skill to survive well. If we go to the opposite side and we are at a disadvantage, the strong magnetic shield will help us to escape quickly. It is a very good survival skill if we use it at the right time.

Next is the last skill The magnetic field storm is an extremely powerful magneto skill. The skill will attack in a group with a magnetic storm. And if we use Skill 1, there will be an iron ball placed on the ground And when we click on the skill, the magnetic storm will let Magneto suck the magnet to cause severe damage to the opponent as well as increase armor for himself as well. Whoever encountered the storm, elder, could tell. There was a flight back to the base.

Expert Review

Magneto is a violent energy hero at the beginning and end of the game. Wish well is an ongoing, intense skill. Fast cooldown skills and high escape with the shield.

Makes Magneto a very good mid lane hero, whether going to help above or below, Magneto can go faster with increased speed and also the ultimate extreme group skill. So the magneto bar has no disadvantages.

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But if talking about the disadvantages of Magneto Must be Ultimate Skill is really strong but must run to the opponent. If there are too many opponents then Magneto may not damage all enemies and will be crowded instead. Causing the disadvantage is the Ultimate skill that is too close. If he does not die, we may be able to turn himself back.

Magneto Skill

Magento Skill
Magnetic force field Magneto collects magnetic energy. To create a shield around you and reduce the Dmg gained by 135 (+ 45% energy efficiency) units for 3 seconds and within 15 seconds after the shield is in effect Magneto can increase Spd by 30% for himself.
Marvel Super War magneto Master of magnetism Passive: After using a skill. Magneto’s next general attack will be even farther. Produce 40 Dmg (+ 100% Physical Attack) (+ 30% Energy Efficiency) (+ 10 * Current Lv) units with a quick release of Steel Balls. One behind The iron ball that can be left will last for 6 seconds.
Marvel Super War magneto magnetic radiation Magneto emits magnetic force radiation in a given direction. And pushed the iron ball away Enemies hit by radiation and steel balls will receive 130 Dmg (+ 55% Energy Efficiency) units and reduce Spd by 30% for 2 seconds.
Marvel Super War magneto Magnetic storm Magneto controls magnetic fields Summon a wide range of steel balls to create a powerful magnetic storm. Steel balls can damage energy. 80 (+ 30% Energy Efficiency) units and 1 second stun effect on enemies along the way While also knocking the target in towards Magneto If multiple steel balls attack the same target The next ball deals 35% less damage when the metal ball hits an enemy. Magneto receives a shield that can absorb damage. 135 (+ 45% energy efficiency) units for 3 seconds and during that time, the magneto’s movement speed will increase.

30% after calling back the steel ball Magneto will create a magnetic storm around him for 3 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds will create Power damage 80 (+ 35% energy efficiency) per enemy unit around And every time you call back an iron ball can increase the damage by 14%

Marvel Super War magneto Electrosensitivity


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