Marvel Super War: Emma Frost Guide, Skills Build

Get check out Emma Frost’s guide and skill build in the marvel super war. If you still confused regarding Emma frost then this guide will definitely help to reveal all about Emma frost in the marvel super war game.

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Who is Emma Frost?

Emma Frost is an energy assassin who shines with her exceptional burst DPS and ability to dash in and out of combat. Her mobility is a battlefield and her ability to execute her free with burst damage she makes her a strong choice against squishy enemies.

Marvel Super War emma frost

Marvel Super War Emma frost

So if you are want to be Assassin in the game and looking for a female burst hero with burst DPS then I recommend you to choose her in the game.

Emma Frost Item Set Overview
Class Assassin
Playing Difficulty  High to Normal
DPS 8/10
Defense 6/10
Mobility 4/10
Support 4/10

Emma Frost Item Set

Here is a recommended item set for Emma Frost.

Emma Frost Item Set
Marvel Super War emma frost Mystic Rune Help in do energy attack
Marvel Super War emma frost Loki’s Scaper For Energy Penetration
Marvel Super War emma frost Martyr’s Shoes Bonus Energy Penetration
Marvel Super War emma frost Virus Canon For energy attack
 Marvel Super War emma frost AntiMatter Canon Leech or lifesteal
Marvel Super War emma frost Wand of watoomb To do more energy attack

PowerCore Set

To use of power core feature, you may have at least level 10. Below the list of power core items set. This will help you in ranking and clean.

Here is a recommended Powercore set for Emma Frost.

Emma Frost PowerCore Set Overview
IsoTope – Time Lag To slow down enemies 
Action Particle Program  – Burst particle For bonus damage when she inflicts control skills on her enemies
Strength module program – restoration module   for HP and EB region for every kill
Combat Boost program – Agility Program To increase your movement speed 

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