Marvel Super War Deadpool

Marvel Super War Deadpool Skill Build & Guide

Deadpool is one popular hero in the Marvel franchise. Most of the marvel lovers know him well. But in the marvel super war game, He is one amazing mage fighter with superb powerful skill abilities. In this guide, you will get an overview and skill build of Deadpool in the marvel super war game.

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Deadpool Overview

Deadpool is one popular hero in the marvel super war. In the marvel super war game, he has major two modes for fighting against the enemies. Where he can fight closer range and as well medium range.

Marvel Super War Deadpool
Deadpool Overview
Class Fighter
Playing Difficulty  Very hard
DPS 10/10
Defense 8/10
Mobility 2/10
Support 4/10

You are able to swipe this mode according to the enemy position. In the dual sword mode, you will be a close-range fighter. In his dual pistol mode, you will be one mage ranger medium-range fighter. His skills change depending on what mode he’s in.

Deadpool Skill

Skill Name Work
Marvel Super War DeadpoolCatch me if you can Deadpool charges in the specified direction. attacking enemies in the path twice. each dealing physical damage
Marvel Super War DeadpoolCan’t hit me  Deadpool slices up a storm, endowing turn with as much as or as little as 20% damage resistance depending on how far through this move he is. Deadpool is immune to control effects while charging this ability and will also deal 40(+40) energy damage to nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Deadpool can’t perform basic attacks while parrying. 
Marvel Super War DeadpoolYa can’t hide Deadpool strikes the specified enemy hero to deal 310(+148) ( +10% target’sMissing HP) physical damage and a 0.75-second knock-up effect. He also knocks back enemies near the target, dealing 180(+111) physical damage and a 1 second 40% slow effect.
Marvel Super War Deadpool Bang! Bang!Bang! Deadpool somersaults in the specified direction while firing two volleys, entering Dual Pistols mode. Each volley will deal (+65%PhysicaI Attack) physical damage to its target. Deadpool cannot be targeted while he is in the air.

Deadpool Dual Pistol Mode skill

Katana Time

CD:  5.4 seconds no cost

Deadpool throws his blade in the direction. which will stop and spin if Interrupted by an unfortunate target or after reaching a certain distance The blade deals 135 physical damage every second.


CD:  9 seconds no cost

Deadpool spins his pistols for a 25% boost to his attack speed for 5 seconds. This boost will remain even if Deadpool changes modes.

Fire in the hole

CD:  9 seconds no cost

Deadpool throws a hand grenade in the specified direction. which will detonate on hitting the ground or an enemy to deal 315(+260) physical damage and a 1-second stun to those caught in the blast radius.


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