Marvel Super War crystal

Marvel Super War: Best way to get crystals in the game!!

In the marvel super war, every player wants to get crystal or diamond in the game. These diamond or crystals are very useful in the late game. In this article, you will get the best free way to get crystal in the marvel super war game.

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What is a crystal in the marvel super war?

The crystal is nothing but diamonds. This is one important item that works as gems similar to any other game. 

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Use of Crystal

The major thing that you can do with this crystal or diamonds in the game is that unlock new heroes from the heroes section.

There are few heroes in which you can unlock them by spending gold and as well as crystal or diamonds such as rocket raccoon, cull obsidian, Groot, black panther, iceman, the thing. These seven heroes are unlocked by spending crystals in the game. However, you can also buy any Darkstar pack by spending crystal in the game.

Below the list of way which helps to earn crystal in the marvel super war game.

Participate in the event

This is one regular source of earning crystal in the game, You can get a few numbers of crystal by completing missions in the event. There are a number of events ongoing. Such as daily mission and weekly mission event. Try to do it and get a reward box.

Do fight together mission

This mission offers iceman and as well 15 crystal when you have complete its.

Marvel Super War crystal
fight together event

In this event, you have to need to invite your friend. You need to invite your different 7 friends and when your friend plays the game, your mission will complete. Also, you will get an iceman hero.

Do Gauntless Event

This is one beginning event for every new player. When you complete this event, you will get around 140+ crystals in the game.

Share match results & get crystals!

This is another way to earning crystal. You can share your match result in a social media platforms such as FB and Twitter to get 5 crystals in the game.

Use Trial card

This is one amazing way to get crystals. In this way, you have a select hero trial card that you already have. When you select a trial card of the hero which you already having then trial card automatically converts into specific crystals. This depends on the trial card.

From Darkstar & brilliant casket in Museum

You will get receive 45 crystals in the Darkstar and in the brilliant casket, you will receive 55 crystals.

Marvel Super War crystal
brilliant casket
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