Magic Manastrike Beginner Guide

Magic Manastrike Beginner Guide & Tips

Magic Manastrike is a brand new Strategy game offered by Netmarble. In this article, you will get all about the magic manastrike game.

The magic manastrike game based on realtime PvP battle. This means you are playing against a live enemy or opponent. This is one card-based strategy game in which you have to need to choose your different card as your heroes or troop and drop it on the battleground.

Keep in mind that there is also a heroes’ card called Planeswalker. So the game is pretty interesting and loves to play. If you have played any card-based game then you will learn game mechanics easily. However, here we have covered all guides on the magic manastrike game. This helps a lot to understand about the game.

Planeswalker Guide

These are work as your heroes in the game. Also, there are very powerful in the game. All have different own abilities and you can use their abilities during fight or battle.

You don’t have the need to use any mana to use planeswalker. But there is a certain limit of use. You limited to use of them in one battle. 

Based on the Planeswalker you can use different colored cards and they have skills that amplify the effectiveness of the equipped cards.

There are five-colored five planeswalkers in the game. Such as white, blue, black, red and green.

List of planeswalker in the mana strike

  • Ajani Goldmine
  • Jace  Beleren
  • Liliana Vess
  • Chanda Nalaar
  • Nissa Revane

Anjani GoldmineWhite: Can deal with a large number of enemies at once and specializes in protecting allies while attacking the enemy.

Jace BelerenBlue: Has long-range and confuses enemies by creating mirror images The card copying ability allows for a variety of strategies.

Liliana VessBlack: Liliana can call forth zombies and can drown the enemy in superior numbers as she beings allies back from the dead.

Chanda NalaarRed: Has access to strong AoE Attacks and can jump into the fray to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy’s forces.

Nissa RevaneGreen: Can earn additional mana upon summoning, and can empower nearby allies for an instant to gain momentum on the battlefield.

Tip 1: As you level up in the game, your planeswalker is also level up.

You can change your planeswalker in the game. Do change your default planeswalker, just place on the Card button which available on your dashboard.

Magic Manastrike Beginner Guide
Then tab on a planeswalker

Then tab on planeswalker and you will list of all planeswalkers in the game. You can use any of your unlocked planeswalkers.

Battle Guide

The ground of battle where you take the battle against your opponent in the game. To enter the battle, just press on the battle button and you will get any random opponent. This coming opponent based on your ranking and your experiences.

So if you are just beginner then you will get beginner players as your opponent. But as you grow up in the game, you will get experience players and it may difficult for you to beat them.

Also, before starting any battle, you will get a battle intro in which you will get your opponent’s name and her/his current trophies. 

Below game UI of this game.

Magic Manastrike UI
  1. Your Main Guardian.
  2. Your name and opponent name.
  3. You can set up to 5 default messages or emojis to use.
  4. Displays Planeswalker card that you can summon in battle.
  5. Randomly displays 4 of the 7 total cards in the deck.
  6. You can see ahead of time what card will be displayed next.
  7. Your Sub guardian.

Keep in mind that each battle is only for 3 minutes & ManaStrike is activated at the 2-minute mark. However, If both players are tied at the end of the game, 1 minute is added as extra time.

You can earn 1 point by destroying enemy Sub Guardians, and if you destroy the enemy’s Main Guardian the game is over and you win.

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