Magic Chess Bang Bang

Magic Chess Bang Bang: The Ultimate Beginner Guide | Tips & Tricks

New magic Chess Bang Bang is an order battle chess game and this game is based on both luck and strategy. Check out the ultimate guide on Magic Chess Bang Bang and tips on this game.

Commanders Guide

In magic chess, you’ll have four commanders to choose or purchase. Commanders all have three passives that you can unlock but you are only able to equip one of them.

Below the list of all commanders and overviews of each one.

Harper commander

Harper is our starting commander. This is the commander that everyone has. His first passive is a shield that absorbs ten damage.

Magic Chess Bang Bang
Harper commander

His second passive is blocked. He’ll block or damage in the current round and it’ll be on cooldown for 15 rounds. His third passive is initiator he has three more initial goals.

Harper is just your basic commander & nothing special. I honestly would switch from him as soon as you can afford to.

In my opinion is, his second passive. But you’re only activating that passive probably maybe once or twice in your average game. It’s depending on how long it is.


Ragnar resource 3 HP. Immediately cools down in four rounds.Ragnar reduces the damage received by 50% cooldown in five rounds.

Magic Chess Bang Bang
axeman ragnar

At the start of each round if fragment HP is lower than 25% resource 8 HP immediately. Ragnar revolves around sustaining damage and healing himself.


Remmy gets a wonderful gold randomly and cools down in five rounds. He is financing a genius and Remi gains one more interest when earning 10 gold.

Remmy sacrifices 5 HP to increase 3 to 5 gold cools down in 5 rounds this skill will be locked when Rama’s HP is lower than 10.

Magic Chess Bang Bang
Swordman remmy

Remmy revolves around coins money and all that jazz if you’re a big spender Remmy may be the one for you.


Eva who is my personal choice as a commander. Coordination, when more than four synergies are triggered, increases all hairs attacked by cemani magical attacked by 140.


Toughness when there’s a max level synergy greater or equal to 6 it increases by physical and magic defense by 22 all heroes. Supplication after eight rounds at the beginning of each round it will randomly select a hero and level up his or her synergy by one Eva revolves around energy and can take a bit of patience.

Basic Game Mechanic

You’ll be up against seven players and when you start the game, there’ll be a board full of numbers just pick a random number and this number will give you three heroes to work with.

you'll be up against seven players and when you start the game there'll be a board full of numbers just pick a random number and this number will give you three heroes to work with
Basic Game Mechanic

You can either build off the heroes you have or you can completely change it depending on what synergy you want.

Tips 1 : Doing so will cost you a bit of gold and at the start, you may lose some health for it but that’s okay.

Synergies are basically what all your heroes have.

Magic Chess Bang Bang

By clicking on the gallery button which available on your home screen, you will get information about all synergies in the game.

Synergies are made up of factions and roles. Some synergies work better with others and some do not work with others at all.

For example, with the Mage synergy, when you have three major heroes and all allies on the battlefield will have increased magic damage by 40%.

Also, we have another synergy called abyss when you have two abyss heroes on the map and you’ll activate an effect where all enemy hero physical defense decreased by 15. you can see that doesn’t work without mesh combo so have a read through it if you’d like.

Heroes Guide

Clicking on the icon will tell you that what that synergy does what works better with. AB is a physical hero type so for example heroes in the marksman category or assassin category, he wants ample heroes that share factions and roles.there are 12 actions and 10.

Do not buy random heroes. Remember to go along with your synergy. You can upgrade your heroes and you’ll want to aim for a three-star. But that could be hard to get.

So at least try to have most of them at two-star. Three heroes make a true star and three true star heroes will make a three. You could keep me rolling if you want to forget on making a three-star hero.

Gold: Gold is super important with gold you can purchase capacity is how many heroes you can place on the map. You can place up to a maximum of ten, but it’s pretty hard and expensive to get there.

Tip 2 : If you really want to make a three, here you can Fergus on the hero that’s nearly three-star and just keep rolling until you find the heroes that you need.

Sometimes having a three saw is better than having synergies. Especially, if it’s a bunch of once aa heroes or some true star heroes. This is case by case, but it can’t happen as three saw heroes are incredibly strong.

Magic Chess Bang Bang
Heroes capacity magic chess

You can use gold for rerolls, which costs to gold this will help you find there as you need which you also purchase of gold.

You can see that there are four diamonds when these diamonds are lit up, this means that you now have interests where you will earn more gold each around.

Magic Chess Bang Bang

Tip 3: I recommend about 20 gold for maximum interests, you do not have to do it right away. But in the early game, I would stick around there. So if you ever do need a lot of gold,  you’ll have it for emergency situations.

Equipment guide

During the round, you come across the Fate box. How the Fate box works are very simple.

Magic Chess Bang Bang
fate box

The lowest health player will get to choose a verse from a variety of high tier heroes, items, synergies, and capacity. The most popular pick is capacity. The highest health player will choose last and most of the time get the worst pick all the things people don’t want.

This is why I said it’s not a bad losing held at the start. Some players use it as a strategy to get the Fate box first.

Tip 4: You’ll get to have the first pick if you have lower health than the others. And if you can choose right, you can pick something up very powerful. Also, don’t forget to equip your items and rearrange them as your heroes level up.

The clone item: equipped this item on the hero you want to clone and will clone one of the heroes you have selected then the item will disappear.

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