Magic Burns 9 Times Beginner Guide & Tips

Magic Burns 9 Times : Beginner Guide & Tips

Magic Burns 9 Times brand new RPG Game offered by Element Cell Game Limited. In this guide article, you will get Magic Burns 9 Times guide and tips to understand clear more events and get the best gacha in the game.

The game is pretty simple to play. You have just need to gather more citizens by destroying the city’s building. At the starting of any battle, you have a limited number of a citizen in your team. But as you decrying more buildings, more citizens will join your team and help you to defeat your enemies and bosses in the game.

However, keep in mind that there are time-limited to destroy your enemies. So always work simultaneously. This means to focus on both such as gathering more citizens and kill enemies & bosses.

Now, check out our guide on Magic Burns 9 Times game which helps to understand the basic mechanics of the game.

Beginner Guide & Tips

Understand Basic Combat System

In this game, the combat system is pretty simple. There are major three things that you have to need to understand. Such as moving, absolute field and Skill.

  • Moving: In the place where the picture is, use your finger to draw the direction you want to move, and you can lead the magical girls to fit.
  • Absolute field: Press and hold the button in the absolute field before the enemy releases the skill.
  • Skill: When the character avatar below the screen is flashing, according to the state of the skill. you can release the SKI by clicking the avatar with your hand.

Using character shards can increase character breakouts, and players can purchase from the store, summon existing characters, or gain different character shards through specific levels. The upper limit of the character’s breakout limit is 99.

Complete the main level to get the corresponding money and different items. Complete the activity level to get the activity currency and the activity currency can be exchanged for rewards at the store.

The formation system can increase the speed attack and defense of the player team, and can also reduce the damage suffered by the enemy when using the skill.

Join any powerful Guild

Once, you join any guild then you are able to participate in guild war. Players need to join the guild to challenge the guild level. Complete the guild level to get the guild currency, the guild currency can be exchanged for rewards at the store.

Focus on Enhancing your Character

To enhance your character, you have needed different equipment. Players can purchase equipment upgrades from stores or through specific levels to increase the level of equipment.

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Focus on Enhancing your Character

Players can also enhance their equipment from summoning or other equipment through the level. The equipment level is limited to 80.

The use of promotion drops can increase the rarity of the equipment, and players can purchase from the store or get promotion drops through specific levers.  The rarity of equipment is limited to four-star.

Make Your Powerful team with different Gacha

You can make different teams with a combination of different gacha.

Magic Burns 9 Times Beginner Guide & Tips

There is three t pes of characters:

  • Auxiliary (heart can help the team fill blood, control fie d BUFF.
  • Defensive (Shield) can be used to protect the team at the front line.
  •  Attack type (sword) has a strong attack power behind the line. 8.

The role attribute has a relationship between each other; Mengkezhai, Zhaikesße, Shake Meng, cat and dog mutual grams.

Each team has a captain’s position, and the role of the captain can be used to launch the captain skill.

Complete more dungeon and quest

Complete the dungeon level to get the copy coin, the copy coin can be exchanged for rewards in the store.

Magic Burns 9 Times Beginner Guide & Tips

Also, focus on complete the main quest and as well in the event quest, special quest.


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