Lucid Adventure tier list

Lucid Adventure : Best Heroes tier list

Are you looking for a tier list for Lucid Adventure!? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get full tier list of all heroes in the Lucid Adventure game.

There are many numbers of heroes in the Lucid Adventure game. According to the performance and power of each hero, we can distribute them under Tier Best to weak. We have made the list of all heroes and distribute them in tier list as categories of A tier, B tier, C tier, D tier, etc.

Where A tier is represented best heroes list. D is a very weaker heroes list.

A+ Tier Hero List

Below the list of  A+ Tier heroes list in Lucid Adventure.

  • Heriach  – Tank
  • Drip Soup- Tank
  • Sora – Tank
  • Schub -Tank
  • Dacon – Tank
  • Hero- DMG -Damage Dealer
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior -Damage Dealer
  • secretary Kim- Damage Dealer
  • Bamboo Spearman –Damage Dealer
  • Noname -Damage Dealer
  • Armes-Damage Dealer
  • Kyo-Damage Dealer
  • Tempest-Damage Dealer
  • Light – Supporter
  • Dark- Supporter
  • Rigos – Supporter
  • Choco Bibi -Supporter
  • oz & Goldy -Supporter  Mag
  • Lime – Supporter
  • Alpaca Man -Supporter
  • Sua Han -Supporter  Mag
A+ Tier Heroes
Hariach He has a mythical personal attribute. So call Hercules which reduced all physical damages by 50% and becomes invulnerable all weapons.
Drip Soup  He is a rookie swordsman of the grassroots guild. User rare ego sword that has three identities. Always make fun of master swordsman who never dated a girl in whole life.
Sora She has gained a tremendous amount of power. Thought, she never stops her training and still has great potential get even stronger, Her ego sword has been upgraded also as she became stronger.

A Tier Hero List

Below the list of  A Tier heroes list in Lucid Adventure.

  • Rim- Tank
  • Wolf -Tank
  • Cocomori -Tank
  • Vampire -Tank
  • Little Beard -Damage Dealer
  • Rui Rui- Damage Dealer
  • Rhythm Monkey -Damage Dealer
  • Managerpark 38 -Damage Dealer
  • Zhou Cang- Damage Dealer
  • Ranker 76 – Damage Dealer
  • Korean Ninja- Damage Dealer
  • General Manager Park -Supporter
  • Bubble – Supporter
  • Wheat Field View -Supporter
  • Holla – Supporter
  • The ultimate healer(Machine)- Supporter
  • Scallion Head- Supporter
  • Medusa- Supporter

B Tier Hero List

Below the list of B Tier heroes list in Lucid Adventure.

  • Kokori- Tank
  • Brand New alibag -Tank
  • Glutton Sora – Tank
  • Cutie Minky- Tank
  • Debtor Ethan- Dealer
  • Radish Kimchi- Dealer
  • Too much calcium – Dealer
  • Keynes- Dealer
  • Top BJ Umai- Dealer
  • Cyborg Assassin- Dealer
  • Dobluc- Supporter
  • Eyeman – Supporter
  • Young Master dark – Supporter
  • Halla – Supporter
  • Constant Zara- Supporter

C Tier Hero List

Below the list of C Tier heroes list in Lucid Adventure.

  • Axe Beard- Tank
  • Giga Secretary Kim -Tank
  • Anchovy Ending – Damage Dealer
  • Silla – Damage Dealer
  • Destroyer – Damage Dealer
  • Hohoian Bandit Boss- Damage Dealer
  • Rabbit- Supporter
  • Batgirl– Supporter
  • Beubeu- Supporter

D Tier Hero List

Below the list of D Tier heroes list in Lucid Adventure.

  • Axe Man- Tank
  • Turtle- Damage Dealer
  • Giga Assistant manager- Dealer
  • Mr Rabbit – Dealer
  • Axe Magician – Supporter
  • Purple Head- Supporter

Note: Keep in mind that while making your team, always try to add A+ and A heroes in the team as the hero. Because A+ and A tier hero work amazing and more powerfully with compare to B or C tier.

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