Love live all stars reroll guide

Love live all stars reroll guide

Love live all-stars is brand new MMORPG Game. In this article, you will get  Love live all-stars rerolling guide and tier list for rerolling.

Check out a basic guide on Love live all-stars

Love live All Stars reroll guide on android

Follow the below step to do reroll.

  • Skip all live shows until you can voluntarily select the story mode from the menu.
  • Skip all live shows until u can voluntarily select the story mode from the menu.
  • Open chapter 2 first story for 10 stars
  • Complete tutorial section
  • Claim all rewards
  • You should get 1000 stars for 2x 10 card draw

Once you have installed and started Love live all stars, proceed with the tutorial after downloading. You can also skip the live show during the tutorial. The number of love casters after clearing will decrease, but there are not so many, so skip if you want to proceed with reroll at high speed.

In the idol selection screen in the middle of the tutorial, you can get the SR card of the selected idol. Also, you can get special costumes and get costumes, so it is recommended to choose your favorite character.

When the tutorial is over, get your gift. In addition to love casters, you can get SR confirmed gacha tickets for each group. At this point, the rescue will be performed as much as possible, but depending on the ongoing campaign, the number of gacha will be reduced. Therefore, if you want to accumulate up to 500 units for 10 stations, advance the story and collect it.

If you complete all the introductory tasks, you will also get a “UR Confirmed Gacha Ticket” in addition to Lovecaster. However, it will take some time to clear the 2nd chapter required to get the UR confirmed gacha ticket, so it is not suitable for rerolling.


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