Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed Tips & Tricks to unlock new heroes

Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed Tips & Tricks to unlock new heroes

Get the best guide on Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed with amazing new Tips & Tricks for all players.

‘LEGO Legacy” is a turn-based RPG app for smartphones that unfolds in the LEGOS world. This game is packed with action and battle, gather popular heroes of your favorite theme, form a team, and battle to the top of the ranking.

Lego Legacy is a highly strategic RPG battle, and the abilities of each hero are key to the game strategy. This game is recommended for those who like turn-based strategy games.

In addition, this work can cooperate with other RPG players in an asynchronous multiplayer battle. Join a guild, rent a hero and complete campaigns and events.

Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed Tips & Tricks

Lego Legacy is a turn-based RPG, so basically you will clear the stage. In battle, it is a simple operation to activate the skills of each character in order.

The beginning character has only two skills but learns new skills by fostering it. Raising your favorite character is an RPG-only way to enjoy it.

Collect more LEGO Legacy Heroes

Lego Legacy is a collection of popular Lego mini-figures loved in each era, including Hot Dogman, Captain Redbeard, Ninjago Lloyd, Merlin, Witch Willa, and Astronaut Reed Power up your favorite characters and enhance their abilities.

Lego set introduction
  • LEGO City
  • LEGO Ninja GO
  • LEGO Castle 
  • LEGO Pirates
  • LEGO Space

This work can assemble a set and unleash its secret power. Show your synergy in battle and help the heroes.

Try to collect for LEGO Legacy tiles

In addition to tiles, LEGO Legacy can collect tiles by completing the stage. As mentioned above, obviously the importance of tiles. This game has a campaign and an event In the campaign, you can collect character tiles.

At the event, you can collect tiles from the set, so take on challenges as needed. LEGO Legacy has stamina, so let’s clear campaigns and events efficiently. As stamina recovers even if you increase the player level, it is recommended to calculate them and complete the stage.


Collect all daily quest and login rewards

Focus on doing your daily quest every single day. The benefit of this is that it will give you a lot of EXP and 70 gems in the game.

Also, You will get one pirate heroes called Captain Redbeard tiles who will very useful future in the gold event. And As you know that gold is one of the important currency in this game.

Captain Redbeard
Captain Redbeard

Also, check your achievement. Complete all your achievements as you go into the game late.

Lego Legacy unboxed
majisto tiles

He is a fantastic Minifigure in the game and I have him in my end game arena team. I also have them in the later parts of the monolith campaign.

Keep in mind that you never miss collecting your daily login. Because like the other game, in this game, you will not get any pop up of login rewards while open first time game of the new day. So make sure that you are collecting your daily log in the next 29 days.

Lego Legacy unboxed
login rewards

Do you daily challenges & level up quicker

You can do your daily challenge every single day. Keep in mind that you can complete the challenge at one time in the whole single day. You can’t do any challenges twice per day.


Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed Tips & Tricks to unlock new heroes

Make sure that you take advantage of your challenges every single day because that helps to level up and help you progress through the campaigns faster.

Train your powerful LEGO hero

The development of LEGO legacy can be broadly divided into a level up, star up, and gear up. Level-ups can only be strengthened up to the level of the player, so let’s raise the player level first.

The level consumes EXP scrolls and coins, and the star up can be raised by collecting the required number of tiles of that character. In each case, the character’s status rises, so let’s train your favorite character.

Gear up your heroes

Gearing up is a very important strategy in LEGO Legacy. Gear can be acquired on the stage, and you can upgrade gear by attaching 6 to the hero.

You can learn “new skills” by raising gear, so let’s promote character development with the aim of raising gear, By the way, you need a hero level to attach the gear, so it is important to raise it together.

LEGO Legacy party organization can incorporate 5 heroes and 1 set. Just as with character building, sets can be built by collecting tiles, so keep in mind.

A set can be incorporated into a party for a passive effect By the way, like the characters, the set can be star-up. The passive effect will be further enhanced by star-up, so strengthen your favorite set. You can raise your passive level by getting a certain number of materials on stage.

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