Last Cloudia: Best R Ark in the Game

Most of the new players are confused about ARK in the game. Because ARKs are more important in the game. In this article, you will get Best ARK, you can invest in its to get more benefit.

Most ARKs have special skills on lv 10 that you can’t learn from any other character skill tree. However, the best passive skill in the game is ” Fast”. It will auto buff your character at staring of each wave and it comes with 2 skill cost only. You can learn this skill from R Ark only. Keep in mind that R ark is one of the cheapest arks to upgrade & equip. It is very easy to make it is at an early game.

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Best R Ark in the Game

Sorcerer’s Eden

This is the best ark for the mage. Ark Attribute is very good since casting speed is important in boss fight and arena. Small HP recovery is useful too.

Last Cloudia R Ark

Fast Aura is amazing for grinding. Magic Up MAX is what we all will NEED in the late game. But I recommend to rush for just level 6 and come back later. Ether rewards are the highest INT fo 4-star equipment. Perfect for any mage.

Flower of Falnia

Bonus Hp recovery from the Ark attribute only works with a healing spell. Healing from ultimate, skill or passive not include. Both MP up passive skill is super useful.

Last Cloudia R Ark

Moonlight is great for grind Honor Pose can also activate ed by some of the mage’s Active Skill. Ether reward also useful.

Gesit Training Mountains

This ark is one Physical version of Sorcerer’s Eden. At a high level, the ARK Attribute will also heal users after killing the humanoid unit. Make this an arena focus Ark. Bonus damage from Ether rewards looks great but might be a bit hard to use in a real fight.

Last Cloudia R Ark


“Fast” passive skill work great for farming. In another word, for easy stage. So we don’t need to rush for DEF and MND buff since the Copyfish farming speed. They are not reliable in a serious boss fight. their effect could runoff.

However, they are very important in the arena since battle starts with 0 MP so we can’t cast buff at beginning of the fight.

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