Last Cloudia: Best Farming Guide & Spots in Game

Farming is one of the important things to do in the Last Clodia game. In this article, You will get the best farming guide and spots for your farming.

If you are a new player in the Last Cloduia game, I recommend you to go for rerolling before starting your actual game. Also, Never miss read out our Best Tips for the  Last Cloudia game which helps you do better performance in the last Cloudiagame.

Farming Guide & Spots

Rusted Seashore – Heading for Porthard

In this spot, you will learn ARK Skill here. Also, need to spend low gold and get experience drop also. There is mainly drop your red, white and blue crystallite there.

However, You can also unequip all your ARK to farms without spending any orbs. Also, whenever your clear at any stage, you will get 50 Blue orbs and 5 red orbs. These orbs are very useful when you are just starting the game and using them, you can unlock the more active skills. So these are very useful in the game.

World Tree Yggdrasil – World Tree Investigation

To enter in this spot, you have to need to unlock sub quest in port migal. You will get amazing gold and experience form here. Keep in mind that while doing a fight in this spot, enemies have heal. So you need to spend more time to finish the match. Also, enemies come with various elements, so you need to keep in mind this thing.

Last Cloudia farming guide
world tree investigation

The low-level mage might have a hard time here since they will run out of mana before finish the stage. Having I or 2 Non Element physical attackers in the team is recommended.

Wreckage of Skyship

In this spot, you have a need to clear two stages. To reach this spot, you have a need to clear malboria wetlands. It needs to have at least level 20. Keep in mind that in this spot, the overall speed of your character will be decreased but enemies are very weaker against the light. So it is good to use mage there.

Wreckage of Skyship
Wreckage of Skyship

However, the robin is the best character for farming because he has amazing learning abilities.

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