Last Cloudia: Best 7 Tips You need to Know

Last Cloudia is one amazing MMORPG game. But there are certain tips for the Last Cloudia game which players must be known before starting the game and late game. In this article, you will get best my personal top 7 tips for Last Cloudia which make you more powerful and stronger in the game.

Last Cloudia: Best 7 Tips You need to Know

Never Miss to do Reroll

If you have played any gacha games in your past, then you have well known that most of the gacha games support the reroll process. The reroll is one process that helps you to get amazing and best characters or summon at the starting of the game. Those help you late game.

So I recommend you to after installing the game, go for rerolling and try to get the best from the game. You can check our Reroll guide for the Last Cloudia game which helps you to do reroll in the last Cloudia game.

Understand your resources & it’s uses

There are main three resources in the Last Cloudia game. So it is very important to known resources and its uses in the game. Because without well-knowing resources, you do not do a better performance.

  • Gold Resource: Gold is mainly used for upgrading your blue orb generator in the game.  Also, limit break your character level and buy equipment and new items from the shop.
  • Blue Orb: Blue Orb mainly used for upgrading your red orbs generator in the game. Also, upgrade your blue orb ARK.
  • Red Orb: Red orb used for upgrading your Red orb ARK.

I recommend you to focus on upgrade both generator and capacity first. ARK should only be upgraded to level 2 on the early game since higher level ARK also cost more orb in battle. You can unequip all your ARK to farm without cost.

Focus on Unlocking All Attacking moves

There are lots of attacking moves are in the Last Cloudia game. You have need to unlock that one by one. As you unlock moves, you easily make your characters powerful and increasing overall health power and skill. So always Aim to unlock all special attack moves in your character skill tree first.

Attacking moves don’t need any cost MANA and they help you to do free AoE damage and heal. For starter unit. You can unlock all of them without limit break They look like this in the skill tree.

Unlock Manual & Full Auto mode

The game is providing two-mode to playing. Manual mode in which you have to need to take decisions such as attacking and moves etc. While in Auto mode, Computer automatically take decision according to situation and type of enemies or surrounding environment.

To unlock manual and full auto mode, you have to need to buy manual drive & auto drive from the shop in the 6th dungeon. Each cost is 8000 gold.

Use Crystal to purchase Expedition slot

You can use the crystal to purchase expedition slots. Also, You can farm character soul after clear 6th dungeon at the rate of 1 soul / 5 hours. The soul can use to awakening your character to upgrade ultimate skill and bonus status. You get 2 slots for free but it recommends to unlock all for long-term benefit.

Never miss collecting items

You will get randomly 10 items in every 8 hours. So per day, you will get 30 random items. These will get from friendship gacha. So I recommend changing your income gift choice to friendship point. It can use to exchange the item in the event shop.

Complete All Beginner Quest

There are main 9 quests when the first time you start the game. I recommend you to complete all those get Melza. Melza is one hybrid light element physical attacker/ healer and a bit stronger than starting the unit.

Check out These 9 Quest when you start the game first time. Do Below quest mission to get Melza.

  1. Use friendship gacha.
  2. Equip a skill.
  3. Change profile comment.
  4. Equip equipment.
  5. Level up an arc.
  6. Collect orbs from the generator.
  7.  Send a gift to a friend.
  8. Unlock any skill in the skill tree.
  9. Two-day login.

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