Last Cloudia: 6 Free Character Pro & Cons – Skill

Last Cloudia offers free 6 Characters at the beginner of the game. In this article, you will get Pro and Cons of these 6 characters and also get amazing information about each one. Check out the full review of these 6 characters.

If you are just new in the game then I recommend you to go for rerolling. Rerolling help you to get summon at starting of the game. You can also check out our Reroll guide for the Last Cloudia game and never miss to check out Top 7 Tips for the Last cloudia game.

Last Cloudia Characters


Melee Physical Attacker
Normal Attack High Speed 3 Hit attacks
Special Move Non Element Medium-Range Attack
Special Move Non Element Small AoE Attack 
Special Move Medium AoE Fire Attack
Ultimate Move  Summon a shadow clone then together deal AoE damage to the target.
Passive Skill 1 Boost STR when allies are down Max 3 times
Passive Skill 2 Can Add light Element to Normal Attack easily
Rate of Recharge 7/10

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
Amazing Normal Attack Animation He is quite squishy with comparing with another melee.
The ultimate move can a ton of damage He cannot break more power from his Special Move.
Recharge Rate of Special move is high & it has a high max charge also.
He can access Non, light and fire elements which make him a more versatile phy character in the game.
He is a student of naruto.


Melee Physical Attacker
Normal Attack High Speed 3 Hit attacks
Special Move 1 He can Grab another pokemon neck then deal medium AoE LIGHT attack.
Special Move 2 Non Element Small AoE Attack 
Special Move 3 Big AoE Light Attack
Ultimate Move  He can Unleash 10,000,000 Volt thunderbolt deal lightning damage to all enemies
Passive Skill 1 Little MP Recovery when taking Light damage.
Passive Skill 2 Ability to increasing lightning attack & Spell.
Rate of Recharge 7/10

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
All Special moves come with amazing AoE & long staggering time Very Slow Special & Ultimate move.
Can learn up to 3rd tier light attack spell, 2nd tier can use to pull a group of enemies together. Also, Good for farming. Come with low INT & MP, So spell not working properly while the fight against bosses.
He is a Very strong lighting physical attacker. Not able to evolve to Raichu.


Long Range Physical Attakcer & Buffer
Normal Attack Can Fast reloading long-range attack easily.
Special Move 1 Non Element 3 hit attack to a single enemy.
Special Move 2 Non Element large AoE Attack 
Special Move 3 Non Element medium AoE Attack
Ultimate Move  It can non ELement attack to all enemies around.
Passive Skill 1 Increase damage base on distance
from enemy to Lilebette.
Passive Skill 2 When applying buff, small heal to target.

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
Amazing normal attack animation. Very low stats.
Can learn lots of buffs. Not able to use Passive skill 1. Its damage will be very low.
Able to do high DPS with the right teammate. Very difficult to use without 2 melee teammates. Because she will keep running around to find a safe spot before release attack moves.


Range Magical Attacker
Normal Attack It has slow reloading time with a longe range attack.
Special Move 1 A small AoE Ice attack comes with high broking power.
Special Move 2 Big AoE Ice Attack.
Special Move 3 Amazing big Ice AoE Ice attack. This attack will block everything including players’ vision.
Ultimate Move  STR & INT will buff all allies.
Passive Skill 1 Reduce MP use for casting ice magic.
Passive Skill 2 Chanting can’t be interrupted by the normal attack and reduce damage.

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
It comes with Mage which has the ability to high break power. The ultimate move does not deal damage. It is worthless a thing.
Each Special move comes with a long staggering time. Low INR & MP if Compare with other mage characters.
It gives a fast Ultimemate move rate of recharge time. Ice Damage attacks a little bit low if compare with other ELM.


Normal Attack Slow Reloading with Longe range attack.
Special Move 1 2 Light ELM Orbs single-target attack.
Special Move 2 Large AoE attack around the caster and heal all allies.
Special Move 3 Medium AoE light attack at target.
Ultimate Move  It comes with huge heal power and removes debuff to allies.
Passive Skill 1 While removing debuff, it also heals the target. It is one amazing skill.
Passive Skill 2 When in low HP State, Magic attack will be more critical.

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
Removing debuff while fighting again bosses is important.  It comes later game. You have the need to clear chapter 1 to get her in the game.
She can easily learn many other spells including the resurrection. It is very slow for Special move 1 & 2.
There is no any mana cost for AoE heal. It give low damages. There is no MP Recovery option.

White Melza

Melee Physical Attacker & Healer
Normal Attack It comes with a faster single attack with low delay time.
Special Move 1 Small AoE Light Attack.
Special Move 2 Small AoE Light Attack.
Special Move 3 Long Range AoE Light Attack.
Ultimate Move  It deals AoE Light Attack & small healing to all allies.
Passive Skill 1 Help to increase defense while low HP.
Passive Skill 2 Added extra Light ELM damage to normal attack.

Pro & Cons

Pro Cons
Amazing normal animation. If enemies are not weak in light than it not work properly.
Amazing Ultimate move. Low MND. So it is not good healer.
Strong light attacker if you have well knowledge.

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