Knighthood:Guide to How to beat Kren Rockjaw?

Do you want to know how to How to beat Kren Rockjaw? Check out a guide on Kren Rockjaw and tips to beat him.

In this article, you will get a quick guide on how to beat Kren Rockjaw that will be the first boss you might be stuck on for a few days if you are not prepared.

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Guide to How to beat Kren Rockjaw?

Kren is very tanky with more than 11,000 health. But the real challenge for you that dealing with two Trollkin Flincasters in the back row. Healing him and hurting you a lot.

If it wasn’t enough, there is also a powerful Trollkin Conjurer that burns you. As well as a Trillkin Demolisher that stuns you.

Kren Rockjaw

Trollkin Conjurer

The key to success in this fight will be using rage potions and a hero that can be dealing with a lot of damage to the back row (the Trollkin Flintcasters have 3675 health).

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I also recommend the protection potion. Just in case, you can buy those at the alchemist shop for 400 to 1000 gold. Not that expensive to guarantee you win.

Kren Rockjaw

Heroes Selecting Guide

Pick Titania because you will need some heal.

For the damage dealer, choose one that can deal 3675 damage to the back row in 2 turns.

Here are some options.

  • Tara: Strong vs Troll will give you extra damage. Rage power is AoE. Base power hits 1 front and 1 back row enemies and can stun.
  • Krusa: Great AoE Rage power. Base power hits 1 back row and can stun.
  • Wormwood: Good acid AoE Rage power(Flintacasters weakness).

Strategy to beat Kren Rockjaw

Kill the first wave while building up your rage. Get Titania’s regeneration on your last tur.

On the boss wave, Use AoE Rage power, rage potions, AoE Rage potions. According to the state of the back row, Use a damage base power.

Use a damage base power or drink your second rage potion in order to use third rage power.

When the Flintcasters are dead, punch and heal. Kill order for remaining enemies. Conjurer> Demolisher>Kren.

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