Storm Spirit

Knighthood: White Peak Guide -Beat Storm Spirit

Do you want to beat Storm Spirit in the Knighthood? Check out this article to get guidance on how to beat Storm Spirit.

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 Storm Spirit

If you want to beat him, you must have two main heroes. Titania and Anaara.

Titania is one great healer in this game. Her base powers heal a decent amount and give your regeneration for 3 turns. Her rage power heals a lot and gives you protect for 3 turns.

Storm Spirit
Storm Spirit

Anaara has everything you need for those fights.

Her base power heals a decent amount while giving you 1 turn of protection.

Her awesome rage power does AoE damage as well as burning all enemies 3 turns. And as a matter of fact, Strom spirit is vulnerable to burn damage.

Strategy to beast storm Spirit

Heal your self and keep Regeneration and protest up (Especially when the storm sprit stuns skill up).

Fill your rage as much as possible by punching (You even can win without using at all). Chamouos gauntlet helps a lot with rage regeneration when hit.

Always starts the storm spirit waves at the full rage. So you can use Anaara’s rage power on turn 1. You might have to level Anaara up a bit.

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