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Knighthood Guide: Best Guide, Tips & Strategies for your Knight

Check out knighthood best guide & tips. Guide on how to use gems in the game, Heroes guide, Combat guide. Roaming monster guide, Crafting and gears guide, Arena & Dungeons guide and many more.

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Knighthood Guide & Tips

Use your gems very carefully

In the knighthood, the first thing that you have to need to know is how to spend your important gems in the game.

Stamina refresh is by far the best use for them. It will help you to progress faster and get better rewards in the game.

Keep in mind that each time, as you level up, your max stamina and your stamina refresh rate also increase. These things are getting by playing more game.

knighthood guide tips

Gold is not abundant in the game. And you will need it to transmute gear. So save the gold. Don’t ever by the chest with it. Capes can be dismantled into gold.

Speaking of chests, be sure to save them to open them in sets to get a guaranteed epic: Customization and equipment ones by 10 and heroes one by 5.

Try to understand about each hero

What about heroes? While Grimm and healers are descents at the start. You will quickly have access to Annara and Titania thought hunts an highgard island zone. Farm their shards daily as they will as they carry you very far in the game.

knighthood guide tips

Titiana is one of the best healers in the game. Raise her four-star asap to unlock her crit buff.

Another hero you wanna farm away is Verdrai. He is one of tip tier AoE damage dealers in the game. He is obtainable in the guild shop. So join a guild asap to fight guild bosses and buy him.

Keep in mind that Titianna and Anaara both are great for guild bosses.

At some points in mirefen(Third Zone) or onslaught dungeon, you will need to kill back row healer enemies before the front row.

Depending on what you pulled or which hunts are available. Level up a hero that can help you deal with those (Anaara, Aeron, Wormwood, Rokara, Tara]

Participate in more Combat Fight

Below a few tips for combat fight in the knighthood game

  • You can cancel your rage skills in case you tapped it by accident.
  • As the tutorial said, but you might have forgotten. You can punch even if your rage meter is full, by swiping up.
  • You can tap and hold during the enemy’s turn to speed up the game.
  • Damage over time effect actually stack.

Use the 50% damage bonus of the fourth strike wisely. For example, if an enemy has just a bit more than a hit of health left, then hit an adjacent enemy 3 times. Then swipe to kill the first enemy with to empowered strike.

If its rage you need, remember that there is a 25% rage bonus if the fourth hit a punch.

Get more gear by roaming Monsters

Roaming monsters is one best source of gear in the game. New monsters spawn every few minutes. So you can be picky. Select the ones with the rewards you want in their chests and/or objectives rewards items.

Be sure to always have weapons of each type and piece of armor as well. So that you can equip them to complete the objective.

knighthood guide tips

You don’t necessarily have to level up that weapon. Most of the time, you can clear with its punch. Hero power and rage power only.

You can use lower weapons that the ones showed on screen in case you are too high level and need more time to complete objectives.

Upgrade your gauntlets and gears as well

Don’t be afraid to upgrade your knight’s gauntlets. Those cores only are used in the gauntlets.

knighthood guide tips

The best gauntlet in terms of rage generation is the maverick gauntlet. Filing the rage meter every time you crit. Syncggizine well with the weapons charms and focus buffs.

Gears provide strong vs provides a 100% damage increase on that specific type of enemies. So even a lower quality/rank/level weapons can be better than your main weapons for certain fights if it matches the correct enemy type.

So don’t automatically get rid of your common weapons as soon as you get a rare one.

What makes a good piece of armor is the type of charms slots it has. Defense charm, not slot is best then a hero. Armor type matters less. But if I had to choose, I would say the range is better. Because those dammed archers can really tear you apart.

Don’t try to min-max at starting of the game. It takes a lot of time and resources and it will make slow you instead of helping you.

Good epics are all you need to progress. Just try to keep your gear level to your character level.

Try to more crafting and get more gold

Endgame crafting will be about charm slots. When you want to transmute gear to high rarity level, hoping for good charm slots rolls. Use rank 1 gear.

It will cost much less gold and you only have to rank up to the final item once. Dismantle the gear of rank 2 and you don’t use.

knighthood guide tips

Transmuted weapons type of strong vs will be randomly selected between the type of fodders you use. Don’t gamble. Use fodders of the type you need to guarantee the result.

How to progress fast in the knighthood? Below guide on progression!

Keep in mind that raiding the hunt doesn’t provide XP.So don’t do it (Unless you are full stamina and don’t have time to play).

Do you hunt manually if you have time?(Crafting punches for the maverick gauntlets. Or them on auto if you don’t.

After the campaign conquests, hunts give the most XP per stamina. Then the roaming monster bit less. Just do the ones that give you what you currently need.

The potion can be a game-changer. But to be careful. Not to rely on them too much to progress too fast. You might end up to a point where you are too weak without them. Having a deal with the daily objective you can’t complete.

Keep in mind that XP is not the most attractive thing about it. The rewards can quite nice( a singe favor can give you the amount of material that would require dozens/hundreds of stamina to farm).

Try out to clear Onslaught Dungeon

Onslaught Dungeon: You won’t progress fast in there. So here are a few tips on the first floor.

Floor 1: Bring your best weapons(undead if possible) and kill at least 1 enemy per turn to prevent the boss from attacking you. Anaara can help you by healing you if you take too many hits or with her nice AoE rage power. If its easy, use dummy heroes. Once the boss is out of summoning, kill it.

Floor 2: Kill front-row enemies until there is no summons left. Only then is it time to take care of the back row healer. Use heroes with AoE, DoT and back row targeting abilities. Once healers are down, kill the bosses.

knighthood guide tips

Floor 3: Same as floor 1. You need to kill all front row summons. Gaint type summons will have to deal with. So choose your weapons/ herpes accordingly. Healer heroes will be needed for the first time you attempt this boss.

Floor 4: Same as floor 2.All units being milita bring wormwood.

More Participate in the arena

Be sure to check your level of your opponent’s minion. They affect the fight with a lot of skils and damage. And in case, they will super high level, they will destroy you.Even through opponent is lower than you.

knighthood guide tips

Do not make mistake level up too fast without level up your minion. They will be too low to help. Level them up by doing arena battles.

I like to kill them first in order to prevent them from healing the opponent and dealing damage. As well as keeping my own minions alive to do their thing for the entire fight.

Capture more minions

Minions can be captured in the hunts on the rare occasions they spawn.Each minion spawns in a specific hunt and require you to have a specific gauntlet equipped in order to capture it after killing it.

knighthood guide tips

Unless you draw better once, the 2 I recommend using at the beginning are.

Dead parrot – healing minion you get it during the tutorial. Gagan initiate – knight gauntlet, Sakroch hunt.Then the switch gagan initiates for one of those. Goblin fleshcrusher – Chaotic gauntlet.

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