Kingdom of Hero Beginner’s Guide, Tips

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is a brand new RPG game. In this article, you will get the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War guide and tips.

You will get lots of heroes in this game. Also, game is giving many playing modes. Such as adventure, arena, Tower of Arrogance and many more.

Check out the Kingdom of Hero Beginner’s Guide which helps a lot to understand Kingdom of hero game.

Arena Guide

Arenas are closed and settled at a fixed time each week. You can not play arena after the deadline of arena. In the Kingdom of the hero game, Each arena is for Two weeks – 14 days. Also, the arena score reset every two weeks- at the end of the arena.

Basic Rule for Arena

  • After entering the Arena, select [Arrange] from the standby screen to place a hero on the defense deck.
  • The defensive deck will be challenged by other knights to proceed with the battle.
  • The defensive battle is an automatic battle.
  • You can strengthen your tower to defend.

Arena Guard

Guard Tower’s main skills can be lightning strikes on all enemies on the screen, you can ignore the enemy defense. You can get various bonus abilities as shown below when strengthening your tower with honor points. Guard Tower reinforcement can be strengthened up to 10 levels each.

Arena Attack

Attacking opponents are randomly selected within certain criteria and can fight in matching order. Attack Deck: Before entering the battle, you can build your own deck according to the opponent deck status. Heroes used for defensive placement can now be placed on the attack. You can reorganize the opponent list with [Refresh] even if you do not face all the battle targets.

Your Ranking in Arena!

You can check your ranking section and ranking. Ranks based on the points and ranking sections of the Arena will be updated once every hour. Victory points earned/deducted during battle defense are reflected in real-time.  If you were attacked by an enemy during an attack, the points you earned/deducted will also be reflected.   If you are attacked by an enemy during an attack, the Arena Battle Results screen will tell you.

Keep in mind that the higher your rank, the more honor points you can win in battles. You can reach the top ranking section by winning the arena battle to earn victory points.

Guild Guide

Touch the Guild icon on the main screen to enter the guild screen. If you are not in a guild, you will be presented with a screen where you can choose to join or join the guild.

Guild Rules

There are few rules for the guild. Such as

  • Knights who do not belong to the guild can create a new guild or join an existing guild.
  • Up to 30 guild members can join a single guild.
  •  The contribution is accumulated according to the guild member’s activity, and the guild member/guild ranking is updated every week according to the contribution.
  • You must join the guild 24 hours after you leave the guild for the first time.

How You can Join Guild?

Touch [Main Lobby> Guild> Join Guild]. Select the desired guild from the [Recommended Guild] tab or search by the desired guild name. If the guild’s subscription type is [Public-Auto Subscription], the [Direct Subscription] button is activated. Press the [Register immediately] button to join the guild.


If you clear each region for the first time and proceed with the story, you can recruit key characters from the scenario. There are a limited number of heroes you can recruit in your area. Heroes that can be recruited from the story can also be obtained from Summons.

You can summon a hero by selecting the desired method in [Main Screen> Summon]. Each summoning method requires a difference between the goods and the summon targets. Combination Heroes cannot be acquired in Summons.

4-star summons of patience. A login bonus can be obtained as a seventh-day reward. Chance UP Summon: The summon chance of a certain hero is increased compared to other heroes of the same class for a fixed period.

Lower level heroes can be combined to summon higher level heroes. There is only one Combination of Conditions that All three conditions of Hero’s Rating, Level, Awakening must be met to be used as a material.

Dungeon Guide

Dungeons can be obtained from a variety of runes. You will receive a random reward when you win the battle. The higher the level, the higher the chance of obtaining a higher rank of runes.

Rune Dungeons are composed of 10 floors each, and the lower floors must be cleared before the next floor can be opened.

  • You can check the most placed heroes when clearing the dungeon.
  •  You can check the main monsters appearing in the dungeon.
  •  You can check the main rune rewards that can be obtained when you clear the dungeon.
  • In addition to the main reward, you can obtain general items and special runes ( Vampire, Earthquake Rune ) as a reward.
  • You can earn Crystal as an additional reward for your first victory.
  • Start the challenge to rune dungeon.


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