King Rivals Game Guide & Tips

If you are looking for Premium Quality game then King Rivals is one Premium game for mobile device.  King Rivals is one PvP Online Battle game for android. In this game, You need to defend your castle from enemy attack on live match.

Yes, This is one PvP game, So all battle are going online. Also you will get many heroes in this game. You need to unlock them one by one and upgrade those time to time.Also you will get 40+ troops and spells.

If you love to playing PvP Online Game then This is one another new released game on Playstore. Now, Get Beginner Guide & Tips for  King Rivals Game .

King Rivals Game Guide

Create Your Own Best Battle Deck

There are so many cards in this game. Some are very powerful and other are medium. It is totally depend on you Which card choose you for your battle.

So Create powerful Battle deck is one non stop solution to win battle continuously. To Create Card deck, You have total three option which help you to choose select cards from card Collection.

Create Your Own Best Battle Deck

Card Collection Sorting Option

  • Sort As Level of Cards
  • Sort As Rarity of Cards
  • Sort As Energy of Cards

These three option help you find and choose you perfect card from your cards collection. When you will get your perfect and favorite card, Click on it and Choose Use this card and drag it on Current Card deck. So just you could create new card deck in King Rivals game.

Upgrade Your Cards

Cards is work as your army in battle. If you will go with low level cards against high level players then you will definitely get lost. So upgrade your cards with time to time in the game is very important for every new players.

To upgrade your cards,Go to Battle Deck and If you will get Green Card Upgrade button then choose that card and press on Upgrade .

Trying to Find New Card From  Quest

To find new cards, You need to unlock new arena by getting more and more trophies in the game.There are many arena and each arena will give some rewards and new heroes cards.

Heroes cards are very important because those are use in battle and help you to win future more powerful battle.

However, it also give rewards to you. So unlock new arena.

King Rivals Tips

Get Rewards from Daily Quest

Best way of getting new cards and amazing rewards such as cold and other is Daily Quest. you will get amazing rewards from daily quest.

Get Rewards from Daily Quest’So collect daily quest and bonus by playing more and more battle in the game.

Secure Your Account – Connect With Facebook

Sometime, It is necessary for every new players for secure his/her game progress by connect with Facebook. Connecting with Facebook will giving benefit in future. If you will uninstall your game in future and after few days, You may want to play game again then you will do constitute game with last stage. So this is amazing feature.

Complete Star Chest to Get Rewards

When you will collect total 12 star from battle, You could unlock Chest.And also get amazing reward from it.

Complete Star Chest to Get Rewards
Complete Star Chest to Get Rewards
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