King Of Kings Game Walkthrough, Guide, Tips & Tricks

King of Kings is one amazing Online Role playing game for android and IOS devices.So If you like Role Playing Online game,then this game maybe like by you.The game is developed by ZLOONG Which has made many role playing games.

King of Kings is one Amazing Role playing online game for Mobile device.In this game,you will get lot of chapters.Game give Real-time PvP combat system,20 vs 20 grand battlefield and many more.You can choose your own heroes and up to 9 classics in game.

King Of Kings Game Walkthrough

Before You started playing King Of Kings RPG Game,You have four different option to choose your character as hero in whole game.There are four different type of characters in game.Such as Human,High Elf,Orc and Dwarf.

You can also choose each hero as Female and as well as Male.So there are also two option for male or female.After selected,you can choose subcategory of heroes.Such as Warrior,Fighter,Rogue,wizard,Mage,Dark Sage,Cleric,Paladin and archer as well.

After did all set up,you need to play Enter in World Button.And from your game story will start.As beginning,game automatically guide all function to you.Such as map,power button,Shop and health button.So this will helping to you get more understanding of game.

King Of Kings Game Guide

So after walkthrough,Now time for understanding of basic all function and work of its.So as you can see in below image.,there are many button at front of you.

king of kings guide
Basic Function of All In King Of Kings

All button work different and each have its own function to do.

Profile or your character is showing you to your health level and Your character name in game.It s also giving to show other partner profile while playing the game.So it is very useful to get current health information while attacking and playing game.

Auto Button use to allow your character to fight automatically.So it is one good option to choose automatically fight with enemy.


In King Of Kings game,you have different type of skills.These skills are work as weapon for you.Using these skill,you can give very high damage to your enemy.So skills are one of most important thing of King Of Kings game.

King Of Kings guide
Skill Upgrade in King Of Kings

So as you see in image,you can upgrade each skills.Some skill needs more high level to unlock. So you need to increasing your level up to get more powerful skill in the game.

You can also manage each skills according to your choice.So whatever like you skill,you can easily go with in fight.So it is one good option for you to choose skill.So always prefer your favorite and high damage giving skill.

King Of Kings guide
Manage skills

Skills List

Cleave Skill

Cleave is Rage Spender and give multi target damage.Cleave Cool down time is 3 Second. Cleave dealing +27 damage to enemy.Range of Cleave skill is less than 2.5 m. Cost of skill is 30 Rage.

Shield Bash Skill

This skill have core single target damage ability. And also generate rage. Shield Bash skill’s cool down time is 6 second. Range of this skill is less than 2.5 m. And Give up to +47 damage to enemy.

Defense Skill

This skill gain extra armor from strength and dexterity. Gain extra health from Stamina.In addition, your damage taken is reduced by 10%.

Earthquake Skill

This is powerful multi target crowd control skill which has cool down time is 40 second. Range of this skill is less than 5 m.

Auto Attack Skill

This skill automatically  attack a target. And dealing 27 % of attack in physical damage. Range of this skill less than 2 m.And cool down time is 1.1 Second.

Ground Stomp

This skill known for it’s full multiple targets closer. Range of this skill is less than 4.5 m and cool down of this skill is 12 sec. 

Charge Skill

Charge Skill has Tactical Mobility and crowd control. This skill with charge target and dealing 154.50% of attack and +21 in physical damage.Range of this skill less than 15 m and cool down time for charge skill is 20 sec.

Shield Barrier Skill

This is available  only when you have above 60 rage. This skill absorbs 90% of the damage. Cool down time for this skill is 6 sec.

King Of King Tips

Follow Quest

Quest is giving next mission information. If you regular follow quest then you will easily do any chapter in game.So following quest missions and guide for batter progressing in King Of Kings game.


Use Health After Fight

It is very very importance  to restore your health after fight with enemy. Because every time,after fight with enemy,Some of your health was decreasing or consuming.So for next fight,you have need to increasing it or restore it by using Medicine CD.

You will get medicine CD at middle of bottom your screen.It look like red bottle.You can also understand from previous image.

Try to Use All Your Skills

So You known,you have total 5 skills.To it all have different power and work as different. Each have different time for restore.So you can use these all skills again your enemy while fight.Because these skills will helping you to giving more damage to your enemy.

Also You can unlock new skills by increasing your level in game.So always try to unlock new skills and always learn old skills also.

Use Map for Navigate

King Of Kings game also provide map which help you to get understanding of your current location in world.You can also use this map to going somewhere in world.It is one best option to going somewhere direct.

Also each chapters have each own new map.So after chapter complete ,you will get new map for specific chapter.

Carnival Tips

Always participate in carnival event.Because in carnival,There are lots of challenges and events.You will go for each events and get some rewards from its.

King Of Kings guide


So this is one best way to earning reward from game.So try to participate in different event in game.

Unlock New Treasure

Always put new treasure in pending.Because each treasure giving you some gift or reward to you.So its all helping to you in future.

King Of Kings guide

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1 year ago

How to complete stone collection quest in carnival event

Jason rex Lobaton
Jason rex Lobaton
11 months ago

Please I want to know about the crafting specially cooking. I’m curious how to consume it.