King of Fighters ALLSTAR Game Review : Worth to Download?

King of Fighters ALLSTAR


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  • An exhilarating combo action that can be enjoyed with simple operation
  • All-Star Fighter appears in beautiful 3D . It is unbearable for series fans
  • Game is based on an original story that even inexperienced people can enjoy


  • Due to the wide range of play, there are characters that match / do not match each mode
  • The penalty when the status does not reach the recommended value is heavy. Train your fighter and challenge the battle.

After playing 3 -4 day King of Fighters ALL STAR, finally I am going to give a review of King of Fighters ALL STAR review. Check out full King of Fighters ALL STAR review.

Brief About Game

If you are unfamiliar with the King of Fighters franchise Then it’s an old-school fighting game franchise by SNK. That started around the mid-90s. They literally named the majority of their games by the years. Such as the first one was like King of Fighters 94. There was King of Fighters 95. There were popular characters in this franchise such as Terry Bogard from fatal Theory, Kyo Kusanagi.

You’ve got some of the characters from like art of fighting like Ryo sakazaki, you got King but Ikari warriors in there such as Ralph Jones and Clarke and Leonas. So there are so many fighters from this series and it’s absolutely one of my favorite franchises growing up as a kid.


After playing 3 -4 days in My Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone, I want to say that It is awesome if you love KOF Series. If you never heard about KOF then you definitely try this game once in your life. Because this game remembers your old days and may have the strength to remember your old gaming experience.

There are so many new features added by netmarble. Such as Extreme Combo Action, Fast-Paced Real-time Matches, Strategic Co-Op Play. You will not get these features in your old version of KOF Games. So this is one huge improvement.

The game provides Easy animation. The style of the game is also solid versus classic which is awesome. The combo system is easy to use and fun. I just started playing and already I’m hooked! I’ve seen flaws with dialogues, like one or two faults since I played. I’ve also seen a two-pixel error with the character view animation (not gameplay). Other than that I’m enjoying the game. I can see that with the onset of farming I make more progress in the game.

But I have heard on social media that few players are getting a server error. Currently, I have no information about it. because In my device and my country, The game is run smoothly. But players who getting a server error, I recommend those to report this bug to Netmarvle developer. So that they will start the fix this bug and error.

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