King of Fighters ALLSTAR: Best Character for Battle

Mostly, New players are confused about character selection for battle. They can’t take a decision regarding character selectin. In this article, you will get the Best character or hero which is the best for battle in the king of Fighters ALLSTAR game.

There are more than 45 characters are available in the king of Fighters ALLSTAR game. But it not a good deal to check each one in battle. According to this problem, You will get the best character which is very stronger on the battlefield and come with amazing power.

If you are new in the game then I recommend you to go for rerolling before start your actual game. Also, Check out our Beginner guide to King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

 Best Character for Battle

Best Character for Battle

Best Character for Battle

  • Kim Kaphwan: His Leader skills to strengthen the blow-type magnification of leader skills star Grade 5 is early skills triggered.
  • Yuri Sakazaki: His  Leader skill that strengthens all fighters in the battle. Also, Stunning is granted with active skills and striker skills.
  • Benimaru Nikaido: His leader skills entire team of thermal strengthening at the time and skills use its own attack power-up attack power buff granted by Striker skills.
  • Rugal Bernstein: He has a very high kills ratio. So He is very useful in the battle. Also, his Leader skills that strengthen all fighters and Possible to develop at events.
  • Goro Daimon: He uses throwing skills with including striker skills.
  • Terry Bogard: He can strike all enemy attack force down skills and skills during the hit, opponent of the defense force down.
  • King: Critical rate up when using skills and  Critical rate up after 20 combos which make him powerful in the battle.
  • Choi Bounge : He has 40% normal attack power with leadership skills. Also, Wide range of attacks possible with special skills. He can his Skill activation very fast.

If you have any other amazing character then give comment on comment box which helps others to get more information.

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