King of Fighters Allstar Beginner’s Guide & Tips

The King of Fighters is a brand new action game. It is very important in every game that starting with stronger is help you late game. In this article, you will get Beginner’s guide and few tips for King of Fighters ALLSTAR game.

If you want to progress faster in the game, then you definitely need to powerful fighters in the King of Fighters ALLSTAR  game. To do this thing, you can use your login bonus and Pre Registration benefits to make this easier. Keep in mind that Pre Registration rewards only for who they have Pre Registration to the game earlier.   

If you are just new in the game, then I highly recommend you to go for rerolling first. By doing rerolling, it will help you to get your best character in the game.

Battle System

The Battle system of this game is very simple. You just need to tap and flick & Complete it. You can active your skill by tapping the icon. However, the game also supports the auto-battle mode. The game supports auto mode, manual mode and as well as semi-auto mode. You can select your mode by at the top left of the battle screen. Check out Best Battle Character in the king of fighters allstars.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR guide

While playing the King of Fighters ALLSTAR and you are in the battle, you can replace the character with a copy by tapping the character icon on the top right.

At the moment of the change, the armor mode is activated and the enemy is flown, so the change can be made even closer to the enemy. Keep in mind that character changes are also included in the mission content of the quest.

Emergency Avoiding is triggered by clicking and avoiding attacks. This command is useful because it can be used safely when surrounded by enemies or when many steps are likely to be attacked. Also, the use of emergency Avoiding once. Done, it enters Coldtown and can’t be used for a certain period of time. Reuse is possible when the emergency evasion character on the character eliminates the shiny orange.

Skills & Cards Guide

It is very very important to finish your skills and cards in the game. Keep in mind that each fighter can use ” Finish Skill” to consumes and release the power gauge up tp three skill.

The first finish skill can be acquired by releasing the core, and the second one can be acquired by attaching a special card, a kind of battle card.

Finishing skills have a long freezing time and do not work consistently due to the presence of gadgets, but they have a lot of power, so let’s get to the main power with priority.

Types of Attacks

There are mainly three types of attacks are in the game.

  • Attack Type
  • Technical type
  • Defense Type

In the king of fighters -All-Star combat system, the Attack type is a separate set of qualities for each character. Keep in mind that Quest missions have items that use certain types of characters.

Arena Guide

The arena is a 3 VS 3 winning game content that competes with the CPU and is released when it reaches the 15th rank. If you win in this area, you will get “Rank Points” that improve the order of the array and can be changed for “Arena Coin” or various items.

There are several benefits to do an arena fight. Such as

  • The main purpose of the arena is that collection coins in the game. You can also spend these coins for exchanging AP Recovery potions. So it is one good thing to do daily arena fight and earning coins & keep exchange with AP Recovery potion.
  • You can also get ruby coins by getting ranking at the top.

Level Up Guide

The best way to level up your character is the use of experience capsule. There are four different types of experience capsules in the game. Starting from small to large.

Type of Capsules
Types EXP Points
Small 200
Medium 600
Large 2400
Super Large  1200 

Experience capsules may be exchanged indefinitely at the Medal Exchange at the Advent event. Earn medals at descending events where the cultivated features are beneficial features and exchange more capsules of more experience value.

However, you can also earn these experiences capsules by doing a lot of quest complete, earn with mission rewards and as you clearing your stories mission as well.


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