Kick Fight Reroll Guide & Best Tier list

Check out kick fight rerolling guide and best rerolling tier list for kick fight.

Kick Flight is a social game created by Grange Inc. This is an aerial battle action that uses the keyword “aerial action” as a keyword and flies around the air in a fixed field 360 degrees freely.

Kick Flight is based on a 4vs4 real-time match, and various game modes such as “Scramble 50” and “Flag Flight” are implemented. The rules are simple: if you get more crystals than your opponent, you win.

Kick Fight Reroll Guide

Below the guide on how to rerolling in the kick fight game.

  • Install the app (Wi-Fi environment recommended)
  • Download the game
  • Clear the tutorial
  • Draw the tutorial gacha
  •  Receive JC coin from present
  • Jet capsule/free / Kicker
  • Uninstall if you don’t hit

When you start the game, the operation tutorial starts. In the tutorial, you will receive explanations on basic operations, game rules, and how to activate attacks and skills.

The basic operation of the battle is as follows.

  • Tap: Boost Dash
  • Swipe: swivel
  • Down flick: Stop flying / Go back
  • Horizontal flick: Move quickly from side to side
  • Up and down continuous flick: sudden turn backward

Those who are not good at action games, such as actions that change during flight and walking and high camera sensitivity, may take some time to get used to.

There are also custom matches, so it might be a good idea to practice until you get used to it.

When the basic explanation is over, you will actually perform a 4 to 4 battle.

Tutorial gacha

After the battle, you can draw a tutorial gacha.First of all, we rotate capsule gacha for 10 discs.Here too, the highest rare UR disc is ejected, so it is included in the reroll content.

Next, turn the character gacha with the kicker scout ticket obtained by pulling the disk gacha.This kicker is also random.

Receiving gifts

At the end of the tutorial, you will be presented with a screen to receive login bonuses, etc., and you will be able to move freely.Get all the pre-registered benefits from “Challenge” and “Present” on the right side of the home screen.

At the moment (2/13), you will receive 4350 jet coins and 3 kicker scout tickets.


After receiving all the presents, go to the gacha screen from “Shop” in the footer menu.

At the time of Lisemara, you can rotate capsule gacha for 32 discs and character gacha three times. If the target disk or character does not appear here, delete the app, reinstall it, and restart Lisemara from step 1!

Estimated UR disk availability and probability

If you draw 14 times in one shot, you will have 3 lotteries per time. Therefore, I think it will be in a state where 42 gachas are actually closed.

Here, since the number of pieces maybe 1, the probability of producing UR is calculated as follows.

  • One or more URs: 72.18%
  • 2 or more URs: 36.03%
  • 3 or more URs: 13.12%
  • UR 4 or more: 3.67%
  • UR 5 or more: 0.82%

The numerical 3 pieces It is if Aim likely!

After all, it seems that there was a difference in the way the UR came out when experiencing 10 consecutive shots + 4 single shots and 14 single shots. I think that it is compatible with the character you want to use, so in reroll=I think it is better to aim as follows.

Kick Fight Tier list

S Tier List

  • Flame Sauler
  • Gymos

Flame Sauler: [ATK (distant distance) / CT51]Attacks and blows off large damage in the front area.

Gymos : [ATK (Rush) / CT36] Penetrating Rush Attack with Medium Damage Forward + Shield Break.

A Tier List

  • Rage Kong
  • Phenylora
  • Arc Olphin

Rage Kong : [ATK (periphery) / CT51] Maximum damage attack on the surrounding sphere.

Phenylora: [Heal type / CT74] and Recover 50% HP of all allies.

So this is a guide Kick fight reroll guide. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get the best mobile gaming news & features guides.

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