knighthood reoll

Is knighthood support Reroll? | Knighthood Review



Game Graphics




Game Overall Concept



  • It can be like RPG to train knights, heroes and equipment
  • There is also an action element, so it is fun to hone your play skills


  • tage work is monotonous, giving a sense of work

This article introduces Nighthood’s game system, characters/equipment, and the appeal of apps, so please refer to those who want to know what kind of game and how to capture the game.

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knighthood reoll
Is knighthood support Reroll?

Do you have any knighthood Heroes? Do you need a reroll?

The knighthood does not require to reroll. The reroll is not recommended because this tutorial has a very long tutorial and cannot be pulled immediately after the heroes are unlocked.

It’s a good idea to start the game without rerolling, as you can watch ads and draw gem treasure boxes once every two days to accumulate gems. By the way, heroes (characters) and equipment (weapons) are discharged from gacha.

In addition, you can also get characters and equipment from “shops” as you capture the game, so you will be able to enjoy this work without sticking to it.

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About Knighthood’s strongest characters

Knighthood’s highest rarity is unique. Note that this is not available for the Gem, Treasure Chest.knighthood review

In other words, in Gem’s treasure chest, only the legend is discharged, so in order to acquire the strongest character, it is necessary to draw a hero or individual treasure chest.

Knighthood’s Game System

“Knighthood” is an RPG game for smartphones that will become a raging night and fight evil.

The adventure is set in a fantasy world with monsters rampaging, fighting against enemies and allies, and becoming the strongest knight of the Rage Knights.

This is an action-RPG from King, opening the door to an epic fantasy world. One of the attractions of Nighthood is that you can collect legendary items and customize and power up the knight.

In addition, there are many attractive heroes and equipment, and activate skills based on upgrades and rage.

Aim for the strongest knight of Knighthood

In Knighthood, the real pleasure is to upgrade and strengthen the knights (players). The battle is an intuitive tap and swipe method, in which the weapon is attacked by tapping, and the gauntlet is attacked by swiping from bottom to top.

When attacking with a gauntlet, Rage gauge is accumulated and shield destruction value is high, so it is a very strategic game.

By the way, remember that the hero’s gauge will accumulate and you will be able to use skills when attacking.

Make friends in the knighthood world

Knighthood has a “guild system”. Join guilds to defeat powerful guild bosses and improve your RPG skills with your friends.

By fighting with your friends, you can enjoy multiplayer as much as you want Deepening ties with guild members through.

Real-time chat and strategizing are one of the attractions of this game.

Choose weapons and heroes according to your goals

Knighthood’s hero party organization can include up to two bodies. As with equipment, this can also be obtained at stores and shops and can be raised at a higher level or star level by strengthening.

Since each hero has a special enemy, using the hero according to the opponent is the key to the strategy

There are two types of skills: gauge skills and rage skills, so RPG combat techniques are very important.

Upgrade equipment with rare items

It is also interesting to acquire rare items and upgrade equipment by Night Hunt hunts and quests. Once you have the strongest gear, customize the knight (player) gear to your liking.

Equipment can be purchased at the store or acquired at the store in the story, and there are seven types of parts: cloak, shoulder, weapon, torso, arm, helm, foot.

The appearance (avatar) changes depending on the equipment item, so you can enjoy fashionable.

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