Buying an Eighth Generation Console Still Worth

Is Buying an Eighth Generation Console Still Worth the Cost?

As we are slowly reaching the end of the 8th-gen console life cycle and at the same time getting closer to the release of the next-generation consoles, many gamers are looking for legitimate reasons to buy a PlayStation 4, and Xbox One or even a Nintendo Switch. It is true that any of the three consoles will keep gaming fans busy for hundreds of hours until the end of 2020, but is it really worth spending almost four hundred dollars in order to buy a console today when a better one is coming in less than a year?

Many will say that a gamer’s time will be better spent enjoying games at and they might not be wrong. There are a lot of players out there who will refrain from buying a console that is currently in the market and who will instead find the strength to push through time until the release of PS5 or of the currently named Xbox Scarlett. There are even those who currently own an older version of a PS4 or an Xbox One and who are considering purchasing a 4K version because they want to enjoy their existing games at a higher quality.

Buying an Eighth Generation Console Still Worth

PS4 and Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro and Xbox One X

Every day, thousands of gamers are browsing the Internet in order to find the answers to questions such as; how much does 4K resolution improves the gaming experience. There are of course many ways to answer such questions but every answer sends more or less the same message. That message is “newer means stronger and better”. This is not far from the truth as the 4K versions are built with better hardware, such as stronger processors, better cooling fans, bigger memory and so on.

In a way, upgrading to a 4K console is a bit like buying a new iPhone when you own the
previous model. There will be a few things that will be better both operationally as well as in
terms of design but it is not going to revolutionize the way you use mobile telephones.
Certain things will run faster and the battery will probably last a bit longer than the one in
your current device, but at the end of the day it is just going to be a little bit better than
what you already own.

The average player; meaning the one who does not really care about seeing a few extra pixels, will probably not bother spending money in order to replace a 2013 PS4 with a 2016 PS4 Pro. However, a player who really cares about great graphics will consider all the variables and will put the Xbox One S and the One X to the test. Every little detail makes a difference to the so-called hardcore players and this is why tech giants such as Sony and Microsoft invested millions in order to improve their existing consoles.

Buying an Eighth Generation Console Still Worth

Just How Long Is the Remaining Life Cycle of PS4 and Xbox Devices?

Considering what we know today, Sony and Microsoft have set Christmas 2020 as the
deadline for the release of their next consoles. This means that gaming studios are already
working on PS5 and Scarlett games in the background. However, this does not mean that
they have completely abandoned their projects to release games for PS4 and Xbox One.

Games for eighth-generation consoles will be produced and released even after the next-
gen consoles have hit the shelves, which implies that PS4 and Xbox One will not become
obsolete so quickly.


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