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Iron Saga: Beginner Guide & Tips

Iron Saga is one amazing mobile RPG Game developed by Gameduchy. In this article, you will get a full guide and tips for the Iron saga game. Check out the full article.

In this game, you will get more than 300 plus the different types of mechas, tanks, and planes in the game. Also, you will get more than 100 different pilots and with facilities of customization.

Beginner Guide

Reroll Guide!

You can roll for a rare mech at the start Of the game, but note that it is not recommended to use it early on. Rolling for pilots is also not really worth it since you will eventually recruit them all. But if you really want that extra head start, Chis is what you mainly wane to aim for in a reroll,

If you just start the game then recommend you to go with below beginner mechs.

  • Galahad: Best SS mech, used in PvP a loy in mid-game. Needs to be at least 6 * with a special move upgrade.
  • FoxhoundEX: One of the best mechs and rewards for completing the Tessa/ bekas side story.
  • Reno MK2: Extremely aggressive, huge DPS  but low defense. Needs to be least 6*.
  • Liselotte MK2: One of the best PvE. Mostly used against bosses.

Level Up Guide

If you earn experience points for pilots, you will have a story of the battle. You can train multiple people at the same time. The surface, in turn, can be determined by the quality of the drop.

If you can go around with your own organization during the event, the leveling efficiency at the commander level is the same whether you are in the battle, Gaiden or mock operation. Note that the map reset lap is an exception, and experience points are hardly available. (The mercenary quest challenge Nowak only in large quantities when it is. But the overall low efficiency).

Raise the aircraft and pilot

Once coins and atomic cores have accumulated, you can strengthen your aircraft and pilot. By strengthening the aircraft, the number of weapons and attack methods that can be used will increase, and by strengthening the pilot, skill performance will increase and the basic status of the aircraft will be corrected.

Strengthening method Necessary materials
Parts enhancement coin
Aircraft modification Coin / Atomic Core
S or higher ★ 6-10: Aircraft of the same name × 4 (*)
Aircraft A ★ 6-10: Superalloy
Pet enhancement Coin
Atomic Core

The first aircraft to train is a low rare (rank A ~ C). Aircraft of S or higher are very expensive to reinforce, and the aircraft with the same name is required as a material, so it cannot be strengthened immediately.

Low-rare aircraft can go up to maximum strengthening cheaply, and if you don’t need it, you can regain the cost you used in “Initialization”, so you can rely on it in the early stages. Some aircraft are more powerful than SSS aircraft that have not been strengthened, so let’s strengthen without dismantling immediately.

Always Joins Corps

When the leader level reaches 25, you will be able to join a group of players called “corps”. If you are participating in a corps, you will be able to participate in corps shops and corps battles.

Even if you can’t defeat corps battles, you can get item rewards just by participating.

Skill Guide

In the iron saga, all pilots have four different skills. In these skills, one skill is called active skill and the other three are passive skills.

iron saga guide tips

You earn skill points for every 5 levels, and for every 200kills capping ae 4000. Skills max out at level 75, while you will only have enough skill points to max out 3 skills.

Iron Saga Tips

Here are few tips for the iron saga game.

  • If you are able to join the corp then join powerful corp.
  • Always earn diamond from the arena. It is a major source of diamond.
  • Try to upgrade your pilots and aircraft.

Check out this video to the best other guides.

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