Idle Golf Game Tips,Guide,Trophy and Players Guide

Idle Gold is one Causal Game for Android and as well as IOS Gamer.Idle Gold has been developed by Famous game developer Hothead Games. Idle Golf is totally depending on Gold .You need to collect gold in game by playing game more  and using this gold,you can unlock other New maps and Other new Pro Players in game.So you love to Collecting Gold then this is one perfect game for you.

Now,We will giving Basic Tips and Guidance for Idle Golf Game.Such as How to Player Idle Golf and How to unlock player in Idle Golf game.In addition,we will give tips for Idle Golf game.

Guide For Idle Golf

Before We giving Idle Gold Guide,You need to understand what is Idle Golf Game.?

Idle Golf is an one Casual Game for Android and IOS Device as well.In this game,You need to play game Golf.For playing this game,You can Purchase Golf course from Gold.Also you are able to Hire other pro Golfer players and coaches as well.

In this game,you can hire Coaches for your Golf Players.That will help you to make Pro Golfer in game.So You can unlock Coaches using Gold.And Gold will get by Playing more game and completing mission in game.

List Of Pro Golfer Payers

There are some Pro Golfer Players in Idle Golf game.There are mainly two type of Players in game.First is Newbie and second is Pro mean professional players who are master in Golf Game.By default ,you have Newbie players.But as you increasing Your level and collection more gold Ball from game,You will able to unlock other Pro Golf players in game.

Gold Ball is one Currency in Idle Golf game.This will helping you to purchase items and Unlock Others Gold players in game.

Here is List of Newbie and Pro Golfer players in Idle Gold game.

Newbie Golfers Players

Newbie Players
Leo Forte
Dave Smith
Brad Breaks
James Woodlands

Pro Golfers Players

Pro Golfer Players
Player Name Benefit 
Jenny Jenkins You will get 3X more Cash from Tees 2 
Brock Bison Adding 2 Extra Daily Gold Hotshots
Wanda Wins 5 % Faster Cash Collecting in Tees 6
Samson Styles 5 % Faster Cash Collecting in Tees 5
Craig Klubb Able to get 2.5X more cash from Tee 3
Brenda Banner Able to 2.5X get more cash from Tee 3
Katie Kaine 5 % Faster Cash Collecting in Tees 7
Dom Dalton 5 % Faster Cash Collecting in Tees 3

Gold Ball Guide

Gold Ball is very important for hiring Coaches and unlocks other pro golfer players in Idle Golf game.Gold balls are work as currency in Idle Golf game.So never waste this unnecessary thing.For Getting Gold balls in game,you first need to purchase it from Pro Store.When you have some trophies once,then you will be automatically able to unlock pro store.

You will get trophies from map.To get trophy from get,you must have unlocked 7 tees in game.Game also giving ads option.So watch ads and get trophies.This is another way to earn trophy in game.As more trophy you have,you can unlock more thing in game.

Gold Balls currency is help you to unlock Pro Golfer Player in game.This players are master of Golf.You can make Best score from these all players.To unlock pro golfer player,you need to go to Bottom of Your mobile screen and Chose Pro option.From this option,you can easily unlock pro Golfers in game.

Idle Golf Game Tips

Idle Golf is a very interesting game for Mobile device.Game is totally offline so you don’t need to On your Internet Data connection.Now here there are several tips and tricks for Idle Golf Game.These all are helping to increase your performance and unlock other players and tees and coaches.So check out all tips for Idle Golf.

Do not waste Gold Ball

Gold Balls are one premium currency in Idle Golf game.This will help to you unlocking other players in game.So never waste these Gold balls in others unnecessary things.You can also Boost using 2X key boost.This boost help to collection more Gold Ball in game.So do not waste gold ball.

Updates Tees with time

Tees is also an important factor for get more cash.By update and upgrading tees,you will able to get  cash more faster,You will get cash 2X and 3X faster than old.But you need to upgrade your tees at initially. So After playing game more,you will already have more cash.

Hiring Coaches


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