Idle Frontier : Game Guide and Tips

Idle Frontier is one Simulation game for Android device. In this game, You have to build different type of shop, Recruit manager and build different villages etc. The game is based on Simulation and If you love to simulation game, then Idle Frontier is another superb game for you.

Idle Frontier Game has been developed by Kongregate Developer.  Idle Frontier game is based on Business thing. In which you need to establish your business in different type of villages. At begging, You have nothing for start your business. But after starting your business from initial level, You need to expand your business more and more.

However, You also need to complete mission while expand business. So game is based on Combination of both things – Business and Level Up.

Get Idle Frontier game guide and tips for progress fast in game.

Idle Frontier : Game Guide

Recruit Manager

After playing few minute game, First thing you need to do is Recruit manager. You also need to spending some money to recruit manager. Because manager is helping to you growth your business. Also He will increasing your income and help to sell your product. So he is very very important and useful.

There are different type of managers in game. All are help you to do different task in game. Such as River Boat manager help to you load your product in boat.

 Focus On Mission Line

If you want to complete  go to another town or village, You need to do all mission faster. To complete all mission faster, It is only one way, Follow your mission line. Because If you always upgrading another building which not in your mission list, then you would never cross your mission line. So it is good for you follow your mission.

Idle Frontier game guide

You will get you all mission at top of your mobile screen. Fulfill all mission one by one and you will get new villages.

Use Pie To Upgrade Manager

Many time, You need to upgrade your manager for work faster. To upgrade your Manager, You can spend Pie for it. Also you will get pie after complete village at end of complete.

You will get pie when you upgrade some building at require level. So Keep upgrading building to get more and more pie. These pie are help you in future.

Villages Guide

There are so many villages in this game. You need to expand your business all these villages one by one. Whenever you have done your business in one village, You will get final big rewards. From that rewards, You will get highest number of cards and pie.

Idle Frontier game guide

List Of All Villages

  • Steamboat Springs – Level 1
  • Pine Bluffs – Level 5
  • North Valley- Level 9
  • Woods Creek – Level 13
  • Etc

Idle Frontier Tips

Increasing Capacity of Ship

Best way of earning coins is that First maximize your ship load capacity. Because as you sell more product, You will get more coins. So these more coins help to upgrading other biding.

Collect Rewards

After full Complete one building, You will get few rewards. Collect these all rewards. You wil get cards, Coins, Pie and Gold from that rewards. Remember, Pie are very useful an Cards are helping you to upgrade your manager.

Watch Ads !

Yes, Sometime you will get more coin from watching ads. Whenever bird fly over your screen, Tap on Bird and you will get redirect ads. Watch this ads still end and at end of watch, You will get more coins. Use these coins in upgrading building.

Upgrade Building

Whenever you upgrade building, production rate of building will increasing. This rate help to earn more profit and coins. And After some level of upgrade, You will get some rewards such as cards, Pie and coins also.

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1 year ago

Idle Frontier is amazing game. Have any other game such this?

1 year ago

In the extra game mode how do I spend the playing cards!