How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite | Guide,Walkthrough,Tips

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is brand-new mobile game from Niantic. This is one similar game such as Pokemon and also developed by same developer.

In this article,We will giving all Guide and tips for Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.And also giving How to Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.This game is also available for iPhone user as well.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Advanced Tips for Players

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite


So let’s dive straight into it ,you get thrown in the deep end, you’ve got Hagrid on your screen. He’s covered in some kind of strange spider webs and it’s our job to dispel them.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |
Hagrid on your screen

So whatever obstruction, we come across when we enter these encounters is referred to as a confounded bull. Basically this can range from monsters and trolls to ice or fire either whirlwind and maybe even Dementors.

Now I know that sounds a little bit scary, but don’t worry. So starting off in the encounte,r we are shown the threat level meter, which in terms of the story is basically .

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

For us as the player though, it’s essentially how likely or unlikely we are to succeed.The higher the threat the harder the chance is pretty simple.So this encounter  actually registers as an absolute zero you’re pretty much guaranteed to not fail. This one because of course it’s the tutorial.

So a symbol is appeared on the screen ,that is your job to trace it with your finger try and Rory is accurately as possible and ensure that you finish where the arrow flicks off.

The cleaner that your line is the higher your chances of success .You can score either a fair a good a great or a masterful.

Keep in mind though that, if you do try to draw slowly to ensure that the trace is good .It does disappear very quickly after you begin .So you’ve got to be fast.

Now you might be achieving great casts consistently .But you might find that your magic is still being rejected and you not complete in the scenario. If this is the case there is something you could do to take the balance back in your favor.

Potins vault

And that is use a potion. These are essentially the equivalent of better poker balls inside of Wizards unite.So when you have the various types of potions the increase in potency from left to right .So this is the equivalent of a great ball you know ultra so on.They’ll reduce the threat me to right the way back down and hopefully make it.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Spells Energy

Now something very important to mention is that instead of poker balls in this game, we instead have spell energy that is essentially the stamina system to cast spells in Whitson tonight.

If you don’t know, how much you’ve got, If you look in the bottom left corner of the screen ,you can find it right there and there are ways you can replenish it which we’ll cover a little bit later on.

As a reward for your efforts, this time around you also get some player experience and finally a sum of all the prizes.

Wizard Unite

Now,time for Understanding of Wizard Unite which is main feature of this game.

So the top right corner of the screen you’re going to see the GPS compass.Essentially the darker part is always pointing towards north and that’s all you really need to know.

There is the weather icon and when you press on that, it will pop up and show you the current weather conditions. It’s my guess that basically different collectibles and Founder balls will appear in the game .Whoever it’s raining, snowing, dry, sunny dark ,daytime ,nighttime whatever it may be.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

There is usually a two day timer icon, which is basically for a special discounted bundle of in-game purchases inside of the shop.

Add New Friends in Game

You’ve got the two character symbol and this is basically your friends lists.So give that a click then press ,add friends and the next screen will show you your player code. Then you can import other people’s codes.

Once you’ve got somebody on your friends list. You can basically look at their ministry ID to see how they’re getting on in the world.

Ministry Id

Let’s go back out to the main screen and click on the icon in the very bottom left corner.You will get Ministry ID Options.

Ministry id
Ministry id


This game makes it it gives you a ton of overlays and accessories to style up your own selfie to create your own avatar.

Next to your avatar, you’ll see the name that you input it when you first created your character.Don’t worry that name which is your name and your surname isn’t visible to other players what they will see ,when they andrew is a friend is your code name.

We have got titles and these titles are basically acquired through completing various different achievements.and you can list up to three of them at any given time.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |


You can also pick your wand.If you want to display that on your ID . if you’re interested is a fourteen and a half inch ,you want with unyielding flexibility and a phoenix feather.

Wizarding Achievement

Now we move to the lower third of the ID and this is where the bragging rights really kick in. So you can display up to five stickers again ,which are awarded from achievements .And beneath that are the number of founder balls, you’ve returned the distance ,you’ve traveled whilst playing the game ,how many in greenhouses you’re visited and how many challenges you’ve won.

Wizarding Achievement
Wizarding Achievement

Green Houses

So let’s move on to green houses.So much like how the inns are more feend around like find balls and spell cast in the green houses. As you might expect or themed more around plants and potion-making.

green house
green house

So when you see these on a map these are basically the bright blue glass buildings .Essentially when you enter one, you’ll get the choice of three different plant pots. You randomly swipe up on one of them and you’ll be given a handful of ingredients.

And again this resets every five minutes .But of course you could keep doing this and not getting the ingredients that you want to obtain a particular potion you’ve got in mind.

What you can do however is go over to tab number two on the greenhouses and you can choose which seed to plan.

grow plants

To do this ,you are going to need the right number of watering cans, which you find on the floor throughout the game. Also the right number of seeds again foul on the floor throughout the game and I imagine you probably get them from various different achievements.

You make your selection ,you plant the seed in the pot and then you have to weigh upwards of seven hours.

You can enhance the amount of rewards that are going to come out of it with a multiplier. So bear in mind, you do have to spend spell energy in order to do this. But so can other people so if other people have an invested interest in getting the same reward that you do ,they can join in and it did say that when one of these green houses is finishing up .anybody who visits it can reap the reward .So it’s this kind of communal growing thing.


After you’ve had a little tinkering, Those two that leaves just one more type of building fortresses . Here we go then these are the equivalent of Pokemon Jim’s inside of wizards unite and here is where you can try out the combat system

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

so these are the giant red towering buildings that you can see throughout the world . when you initially enter one you will just have level 1 open to you.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

You step on into that dungeon and it’s going to ask you for a rune stone. So basically these rune stones are going to pertain to the ten different categories from the registry those being care of magical creatures dark arts hogwarts, cool legends of hogwarts, ministry of magic, Maja’s a wall OG ,magical games and sports mysterious,artifacts wonders of the Wizarding World and oddities.

So whichever rune stone you happen to pick that will be the category that you were earning XP and rewards for pretty simple.

Something really important to note though as well is the number that is written on each stone .The higher the number the more difficult .The challenge will be but equally the greater the prize.So go ahead and pick your rune stone queue up for a few seconds and head on in inside of this fortress.

Daily Assignment

These are makes that the daily achievements that you can do. They’ll reset every 24 hours if you finish all seven of them. Then you get an even better reward at the end of it.

Daily assignments
Daily assignments

If you swipe to the right you’re gonna find yourself the daily treasures which basically is a login reward so.Every day that you played the game sequentially or you know consistently the rewards will get better and better and better.

All the way up to days 30 and 31, which will give you 10 spell energy and 150 XP as well as that we have got to have for special assignments .which I’m assuming will be special events that aren’t currently in the game unfortunately.

Then we have achievements again pretty simple you do the thing that it tells you to you get the reward it says it will give pretty simple.

Then finally this slightly more story heavy aspect of these challenges is the final sub menu known as SOS. you’re gonna get a little bit more voice acting a little bit more sort of law telling and these objectives might take a little bit longer but the rewards are usually pretty good.


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