Horrorfield Game Tips,Wakthrough and Guide

HorrorField is Multiplayer Online Surviving Mobile game.Game is one of Horror Category based game.Game is available on Play store.

HorrroField Game has been developed by Skytec Games, Inc. Here is Walkthrough of HorrorField Game.

HorrorField Walkthrough

This is a Horror game.In which you have to complete some mission.The main four types of Features found in game.Such as Workshop,Survivor Camp,Dark Smithy and Psycho's lair.

Horrorfield Game Tips


Workshop is one place from this place,you can add Blueprint in your Game.There are several BluePrints are in game Such as Energy Drink,First Aid Kit,Compass.These all are help to surviving more in game.

Here is All BluePrints and their Unlock level.

 All BluePrints and their Unlock level

Blueprints Name Unlock Level
Energy Drink Skill Required
First Aid Kit Level 4
Compass Level 7
Tool Kit Level 8 
Lock Picks Level 9
Ring Of Invisibility Level 10
Grenade Level 12
Holy Water Level 13
FlashLight Level 14
Radio Level 15
Machete Level 16
Shotgun Level 17
Silver Bullets Level 18

So Work Shop is helping you to get these all items with based on your Experience.

Survivor Camp

Survivor Camp is main Place for starting your Game.You can start your new game from here.You can also choose your Character from here.

Horrorfield Game Tips

There many characters in game.Such as Jack,Marry,Gary,Lina,Marcus,Phil and Charlie.You can choose any character as per your choice.You can also update your character with Silver Coin.You can earn more coin from playing game more.

Dark Smithy

Dark smithy is also known for Weapons shop,You can unlock different type of Weapons from here.You can unlock different weapons from here such as Rock,Rage Poison,Harpoon,Broken Heart,Knife,Old mask,voodoo Doll,Cursed Helm etc.

How To Play HorrorField Game

In this game you will play very carefully.In this game you will play very task.You will have to complete these tasks very carefully.Task such as Repair Generator.

You have to play in a team of four people.In which all the people will be work as different character.The main seven types of characters are found in the game.In which the jack will turn on the game automatically.But you have to open the remaining 6.You will be able to open this 6 as your level increases as you play the game.These are remaining 6 characters,Such as Jack Malkovich, Mary Cheng, Gary Peterson, Lina Alvarez, Marcus Luttrell, Phillip Hauge, Charlie Grimes.

When you enter the game, you will have to work in the team and survival will also be there.The game will give you 5 tasks at the beginning, in which you have to repair the generator.You will have 5 different places. You will have to go there and simultaneously repair the generator.

When you are repairing the generator, you have to be take care because psycho will attack you while you repairing.If you catch by him, he will put you in a small prison.But your other teammates are still alive.But your teammates can free you from jail.So you are still in Hope.Here you can suggest to help usingchat.

Your other member can get rid of you.

There are several main things to keep in mind while playing Horrorfield game.Now,we are going to giving Basic and important tips for HorrorField Game.

Important tips for HorrorField Game.

Use Instant Chats

HorrroField game giving option to use chat while playing game.The main advantage of this is that you can suggest to your friend that you need help so that you will have to help yourself.Another advantage is that you can give information to your friend about Psycho.Besides this you can do a lot of things.So always use Chat while gaming.

Update Skills

Skill is another best way to increasing your overall game performance. You can update your skill with Silver coin.To earning more silver coin,you need to more HorrrorField game.When you update your character, its skill also increases.Skills such as Speed.Dexterity,Engineering,Medicine,vitality ans morale.

Heart Beat Tip

The heart beat will start quickly pumping as fast as possible. Use this to track the psycho and if it starts to beat faster, run as fast as you can! That means it's close!

Earn More Silver Coin

The advantage of silver coins is that you can update your character using it.And if your character is a good update then you have a lot of flexibility in playing the game.As you complete the mission in the game, you will get a silver coin.So it is also important to complete the mission in the game.

Collect Daily Rewards

HorroField game giving features to daily rewards.You can collect all daily rewards by click Reward button.There are so many reward such as First Aid Kit,Energy Drink,Gold Coin etc.So you can Collect all Daily Bonus.

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22 days ago

You can’t pick your character. You are given 1 and get random ones as you play.