Heroic – Magic Duel Guide, Tips for Battles & All Arena

Heroic Magic Duel is one Strategy based game.In this game,it is battle between one vs one players.So this is one online duel game.

Heroic Magic Duel is one PvP Online Battle game.The game is very amazing and also giving amazing atmosphere while battle.There are so many different heroes and different minion card in game.Also many arena are in game.Here You will get all guide about Heroic Magic Duel game.You can also download for IOS device.

Heroic Magic Duel Guide

Beginner Guide For Heroic Magic Duel

Heroic Magic Duel is one Online Two Players game for Mobile devices.The game is one Battle game in which you need to play online with your battle army.

In the Heroic Magic Duel,there are many arena.At beginning,You need to complete Tutorials Arena.In this arena,You will get basic ideas of game such as How to play Heroics Magic Duel game,How to Battles and other many thing.

Then after you will able to play main game.

heroic magic duel game guide

When game is started,the overall battle is like this.

So as you can see,there are total three rows in battle ground.And also two end side..Blue is one your side and red is your enemy side.In these three rows,You can drop your army.There are no any rules for which players drop first army in ground.Anybody can drop first army in any rows.

Heroic Magic Duel Guide
Heroic Magic Duel Begin

Also you can see your profile and your enemy profile in corners of mobile screen.Which show damage how much did by you or how much did by your enemy on you.

When Enemy start drop his army toward your side,then you also need to drop your army toward his army.Because if you will not start drop army in row,then enemy’s army come at your front and will start destroying your door.So saving from army,you have to put your army in row.When both army meet then they will start fighting each other.

As you can see,you have different variety of card which called your army.Every card get few second such as 4 second,6 second etc to complete army.So you need to wait still another army will ready for fight.This army called Minion in the game.

Above minion card,you can see two different card which called heroes card.There are diffident type of heroes card in the game.Such as Ruul,Valen,Terrrin Rhhi etc.You can unlock this card by increasing your trophy in game. Heroes card take more time with compare to minions cards.

So thus,you need to cross enemy army and crack his door at end.If you will be success then you will win the battle.

Battle Guide For Heroic Magic Duel

There are some important points for every players whose play Heroic Magic Duel game.So always keep in mind this some point whenever you are  in battle with enemy in Heroic Magic Duel game.

  • When you are in battle,Your main focus must on Enemy end point.So keep in mind always that this is not battle of two army,But this is battle of Breakdown enemy door.So always try to give damage to enemy Door.But also try to stop enemy army by doping your army.
  • Each card take seconds for complete. So whenever you in battle,You can see timer at each card’s left corner.When card under generating mode,then it under dark mode.After generate card,it will come original color mode.
  • Heroics cards have more capacity to give more damage.So always try use mix of cards.But heroics card take more time then minion cards.So remember this also.
  • Every cards have different mana.So it is good for you,whenever you going in battle,Go with low mana cards.
  • In battle time,Total mana is 10.So you can put total 10 capacity of mana card in battle.
  • During Battle time,You can use Two spell on your enemy.You will get these spells from Heroes Cards.Each heroes have each own spell.So you can choose your heroes,before enter in battle.
  • Whenever you win battle,you will get some trophy.So after win battle,you will get some rewards also.

heroic magic duel game tips

  • When you will win battle,you will get also winning chess.From it,You will get also some rewards.
victory chest
victory chest


There are different 5 arena in game.When you increasing your trophy then you will cross arena one by one.So you need to more trophy for complete arena.Each arena give you some heroes card and as well gold,Guilds,Runes etc.So win battle and get more trophy to unlock more arena in game.

List of Arena

There are total 7 arena.Here is list of all arena.

  1. Sacred Forest Arena
  2. Mithril Force Arena
  3. Sky Palace Arena
  4. Necropolis Arena
  5. Temple of the Ancients Arena
  6. Autumn Woods Arena
  7. Citadel Of Knowledge Arena

Heroic Magic Duel Heroes and Spells

In Heroic Magic Duel,There are different type of heroes and each have different type of spell.

How to Unlock Heroes?

Yes,This is true that there are different heroes in game.But major problem is that how to get heroes or How to unlock Heroes in Heroic Magic Duel game.

So as you known,There are 7 different arena in game.Each arena give you some card of minions and also you will get card of different heroes from this arena.So you need to increasing your trophy for get more heroes in magic duel game.

List of Heroes

There are total five heroes in game.Each heroes have different spells.

  1. Ruul
  2. Valen
  3. Terrin Rhii
  4. Noella
  5. Alayna
  • Heroic Magic Duel Tips

    If you are playing Heroic Magic Duel then these tips will definitely helpful to grow your ranking and trophy in Heroic Magic Duel game.

    Upgrade new Minions and Heroes

    This is one most important tip for every gamer whose play Heroic Magic Duel game.You can upgrade Heroes and Minion using Gold,Runes and also Gems.But not waste gems for upgrade.Upgrade minions and heroes is very important because when you upgrade it,it will unlock some other power.Such as Attack damage,Health,Range,Speed will increasing.It is very important for new battle.

    Unlock Chest & Slots

    There are two chests and  four different slots in game.These will giving new cards,gold,runes and many more.

    There are two chests.One is victory chest and second is free chest.When you will win some victory in game,then you will get victory chest.In from chest ,you will get rewards.It is one also free chest.You can unlock it every 4 hour.It also giving rewards to you.

    There are also four slots.You can also unlock it such as  every 15 second,15 Minute,8 hour.Its all giving rewards to you.

    Increasing Trophy

    Increasing trophy is very important because it will take you in arena.And you known well ,every arena giving you some gold ,new card and most useful new hero.So always try to increasing trophy.

    heroic magic duel game tips

    When you win battle,you will get trophy.And also in case,you will lost battle,then you will also lost some trophy.So always trying to win battle.



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