Heroic – Magic Duel All Heroes and Spells List and Guide Tips

Heroic Magic Duel is one Amazing PvP online Battle game.There are total 5 hero are in game.All heroes have each different power and each different spells.Which you can use in battle on your enemy to defeat him.

So in this guide,you will get all Heroes list of Heroic Magic Duel game and different spells and use of theme.You are in new in game and have not good stuff information about How to Play Magic Duel game and basic tips,then you can get it from here.

Heroic – Magic Duel All Heroes List

So in Heroic Magic duel game,there are total five different type of hero are available in game.But at beginning,you have only one choice to choose hero.which is Ruul. But to unlock another four heroes,You need to earn more trophy in game.So as you reach high arena,new heroes will automatically unlock from different arena.


Ruul Hero

Ruul is one first and default hero which you get default when you start the heroic duel game.So you not need to unlock him.He is already unlocked from starting of game.


Ruul hero
Ruul hero

Ruul Hero Spells

  • Meteor Strike : This is a smoldering ball of flames that wreaks havoc upon enemies. Does half damage to portal also.
  • Fury Spell : This spell send minions into a state of mania and unlock their true potential.
  • Scorched Earth : This spell scorches a lane to  deal damage over time to enemies.
  • Fire Blast : This spell burn enemies closes to your portal.
  • Prey On : This spell preys on a wounded enemy in the target area and instantly destroys it.Target must be hurt to be affects.


Valen is second hero of game whose known for his wielder of justice’s hammer.You wll get valen from arena 1 which is Sacred forest arena.

Valen hero
Valen hero

Valen Spells

  • Sacred Mallet :This spell will calls down a mallet to stun and deal damage.
  • Phalanx : This spell pushes away all minions from your portal and stuns pushed enemies.
  • Hammer of The God : This hammer spell files through all enemies in lane dealing damage to them.
  • Holy Shield : This spell protect all targets units with a shield that blocks damage until it breaks.
  • Divine Protection : This spell reduces damage done to your portal in one lane.

Terrin Rhii

Terrin Rhii is second third hero of Heroic Magic duel game.To get this hero,you need to enter in Mithril force arena and minimum 900 trophy.So trophy is required for unlock terrin rhii.

terrin rhiii
terrin rhiii

Terrin Rhii Spells

  • Healing Wave :This spell replenishes the life of allies in a single lane.
  • Chain Lightning : This spell send out a bolt of lightning to strike 3 random enemies in the lane.
  • Rhii’s Power : This spell use for your next summoned minions costs less mana to play but the minions level is limited.
  • Vortex : Vortex pulls all enemy units to target location.
  • Earthquake : This spell will give three tremors deal damage to all enemies in lane.


Noella is fourth hero of Heroic Magic fuel game.You need have to minimum 1400 and need to in sky palace arena to unlock this hero.

noella hero


Noella Spells

  • Evolution 1 : This spell also deal some damage each second to all enemies in the area.
  • Ice Spears : This spell fire three projectiles down a lane and hits the first target in their path.
  • Frozen Heart : Allies all the target lane leave behind immobile ice obstacles when they die.
  • Ice Rift : Icicles erupt from the ground damaging enemies and pushing them back.
  • Ice Sheath : Encases all allies in a lane in icy cocoons.taking no damage for a duration.


Alay’na is last and final hero of Heroic Magic Duel game.You have to minimum 2400 trophy and also in Temple of The Ancients arena.

alayna hero
alayna hero


Alay’na Spells

  • Evolution 1 :Statues explodes and deals splash damage when it’s destroyed.
  • Giant Growth : Increase  attacks damage and health of units in the target area.
  • Soaring  Eagle : An eagle swoops from above exploding on contact.
  • Rhino Charge : A rhino stomps through the lane stunning enemies in it’s path.
  • Spirit Call :Next summoned minion summons a spirits copy of it in one other lane.Spirit have reduced health and damage.


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