Hero cantare reroll Guide (Reroll Tier List)

What your aiming during reroll?x
Hero Cantare is a brand new MMORPG game. Game is supporting rerolling to get the best SSR Gacha or heroes at the beginning of the game. Check out how to reroll in the Hero Cantare to get the best SSR units for you.

Hero Cantare Step By Step Reroll Guide

Below guide on how to reroll in the Hero Cantare. Follow all steps to faster reroll in the game.

  •  Install game APK and download additional 512.6 MB Data.
  • Start to play as guest account
  • Skipp begging cutscene and start to playing tutorial until 1-3
  • Collect all gems
  • After going to the portal and select banner to start to reroll
  • Once you get SSR, Connect your account with Google play store

After installing the game, you have to need to download any additional data file that is around 512 MB. Once, you downloaded it, you can start the game. But keep in mind that never bind your account with google play store. Because reroll is still waiting for you.

Hero cantare reroll Guide

So start the playing as a guest account and skip starting the cutscene. Do 1-1 battle to 1-3 battle to unlock the portal option that is the main option for rerolling.

Once, you finished 1-3 battle, just collect all gems and go to portal option. Select the banner to start the rerolling. Once, you are satisfied with your heroes, you can bind your account with google play store. Go to setting>connect with google play store.

Reroll Tier List

Below reroll tier list for Hero Cantare . List of best SSR Unit in the game

  • Black march bam – SSR Tier
  • Witch Mira Yoo – SSR Tier
  • Maschenny – SSR Tier
  • Hilda – SSR Tier
  • No Name – SSR Tier
  • Chloris – SSR Tier
  • Cassey- SS Tier
  • Yuri Ha – SS Tier
  • Flora – SS Tier
  • Arin – SS Tier
  • Ilpyo Park- SS Tier
  • Armes -SS Tier
  • Zero -SS Tier
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