Hay Day Pop Guide

Hay Day Pop Guide : Best Tips & Strategies to progress Fast in the game

Hay Day Pop is a brand new Puzzle game from SuperCell. Get the best guide on Hay Day Pop Game for progress fast and level up in the game with tips and my personal Strategies.

SuperCell is a famous game developer company worldwide. Recently, It has been launched its brand new Puzzle game name with Hay Day Pop. If you play puzzle games such as CandyCrush or any other then you will get many similarities in both games. But overall UI and some other features you will get in this Hay Day Pop game.

In this game, you just need to solve the puzzle and get rewards according to the mission. However, you also need to farm resources in the game and go toward game progression.

Hay Day Pop Guide & Tips

Below best tips for the Hay Day Pop game.

Use all your all move wisely

The basic funda of the clear puzzle in the Hay Day Pop is using your move wisely. Because there is a lack of moves you have.

Hay Day Pop Guide

You have very limited moves to solve the given puzzle. So first thing that you always keep in mind that use all moves wisely. However, you have 5 lives that you can use in the game. These lives are used when you fail to solve the given problem.

However, You will get one life in every upcoming 30 minutes. So it is not a big problem. You have to need to try out to solve that given mission in order to solve the given puzzle. Also, you will get a stars line. This stars line showing you how many stars you will get when you finish the puzzle.

If you solved the puzzle by spending a very limited number of moves then there are maximum chances to get three stars by clearing the puzzle.

At the right side of the left move box, you have your mission to solve specific puzzle. This box

Try to Win consistently and get win streak bonuses

This is my personal tip for you new player of Hay Day Pop game. When you win any match or solved the puzzle in the game, always must try to win the upcoming match or solve to next puzzle by doing your best.

By doing this thing and solve the next puzzle, you will get a win streak bonus for the next new puzzle. So this is an amazing thing that you have always keep in mind your mind.

Hay Day Pop Guide
Try to Win consistently and get win streak bonuses

There is a total of three-win streak bonuses. When you solve any puzzle after solved another one, you will get only one bonus. After continuously another one, you will get another one. And at last, when you solve third, you will get another bonus. So these all three bonuses are very useful to solve the fourth puzzle.

Try to expand your farm

We all want as much space on our farmland so we can create it exactly how we imagine!

To expand your farm, you will need to obtain experience points, which you can gain by placing down decorations on your farmland. Once you reach the required experience level to unlock the next section of the farm.

Your farm will need some maintenance from time to time. and you’ll find trees frocks, etc. starting to appear on your farm. To remove them, simply tap on them until they disappear. Doing this will also provide you with Coins or something to help with your puzzles!

You can obtain Farm Points by purchasing decorations and placing them on your farm. You can see how many Farm Points you will get for purchasing an item in the decoration shop in the game.

Never miss using boosters solve to puzzle more faster

You will get many boosters to solve the given specific puzzle. By using these boosters, you will easily solve given puzzle. However, the game never gives guaranteed that by using these boosters, you will definitely solve the given puzzle. But these boosters just give more chances to solve a puzzle and make your current puzzle easier.

Below the list of boosters that you will get in the Hay Day Pop game.

Dynamite Booster: This little red stick will help you pop puzzle pieces surrounding it. Don’t hold it for too long!

Hay Day Pop Guide
Dynamite Booster

Rocket Booster: Shoots in the direction f is facing. popping everything in its way!

Hay Day Pop Guide
Rocket Booster

PopCorn Booster: Popcorn jumps out and pops all the same color puzzle pieces it touches!

Hay Day Pop Guide
popcorn booster

Hammer Booster: Squidgy hammer that removes whatever you whack!

Hay Day Pop Guide
hammer booster

 Watering can  Booster: The watering can washes away everything in its horizontal and vertical path!

Hay Day Pop Guide
Watering can BOOSTER

Paintbrush: The paintbrush is not great for painting but shuffles the puzzle pieces to provide you more possibilities of a match!

Hay Day Pop Guide
Paintbrush booster

Focus on getting more stars

You can obtain Stars from multiple locations in Hay Day Pop! You can obtain more by playing the current Seasons Star River, collecting Stars that appear on your farmland from time to time, visit your friend’s farms to find Stars on their farms, and more!

Diamond Stars start to appear once you have completed the Season and enter the Star Race. Your Star counter will reset back down to zero, so you can start participating in the race.

Your Star counter will reset back down to zero, so you can start participating in the You will collect these shiny Stars the same way as you usually do, by playing puzzles and by helping your friends. etc. but they sparkle a little more

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