Harry Potter Wizards Unite Advanced Tips for Players

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been launched.So We are going to give Amazing Advanced tips and tricks for Harry potter Wizards Unite game.Here is Top amazing tips and tricks for all players of Harry Potter wizards unite.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks

More Attention Tips

What you have to pay attention to the most in this game is just how accurate your spell castings are. When that outline shows up prompting you for a hand gesture the game will actually measure your progress on the speed and accuracy for drawing the outline.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

The closer you are to the outline the stronger the spell, its just that simple. As you can imagine the longer you take or the more inaccurate you are the weaker the spell will be as a result.

Really though you want to be fast with these motions, because even if its accurate but you take a long time the game wont reward you for the amount of lost time. Also instinctually when you see one of these patterns which look pretty basic and circular youll want to therefore draw a circle, but thats where youll trip up.

If you pay close attention youll notice some of them arent actually perfect circles, so look closely and do your best. If you’re too slow like I said before the game will also make the pattern disappear which means you’ll have to try again through just your memory.

Inns Tips

Remember those Inns I mentioned earlier, lets talk about them for a moment here. Inns should and will become essential locations for you to visit. Like going home to your parents when you need to do laundry. Except instead of a hardy meal and some clean clothes you’ll find that inns will offer you spell energy. Spell energy is absolutely critical for casting your spells.

You’ll lose one unit of energy for every spell that you cast which can really add up after a while. Especially if you’re planning on hitting up a fortress later, we advise that you stop by an inn first to stock up. Once you get your spell energy it will take 5 minutes for the inn to restock, so you’ll have to come back in a bit if you need more, or y’know find a new inn. I also should mention that if you want you can also pay for gold coins that can be used to buy spell energy, but hey who wants to do that.

How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

An interesting thing to note as well is that while you’re performing spells you can actually get some spell power back if you’re able to draw the outline perfectly. Which brings us to our next point.

Try Unlock The World

So here is Top amazing tips and tricks for all players.These all tips will helping you to increasing your game performance and also Experience power point.Hope you will like these all tips and tricks of Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.Checkout all tips and tricks.

This next one is more of a tip to truly get the full experience of Harry Potter Wizards Unite. As you level your wizard up you’ll start to find these things called Portkeys which will open the Portmanteaus.

Aside from the lack of creativity for the name, opening a Portmanteaus is actually really cool. Once you’re leveled up and have a portkey you can open the Portmanteaus to teleport yourself to a different location in the wizard world.Cool places like Hagrids Hut, Ollivander’s wand shop and even Borgin and Burkes will all be new places you can explore.

Daily Assignment Tip

Just like any other game your progress will come down to the work that you put in. More specifically your daily assignments. You can find these daily assignments by clicking the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

Daily assignments
Daily assignments

The daily assignments are quite easy, which will be a nice break from the usual challenges. Plus you’ll be rewarded with things such as gold, XP or even items so make sure to always take advantage of these assignments to get those bonus rewards.

Advantages From Your Social Friends Tip

If you’re getting bored of the usual cycle through Netflix, but don’t care for going out and spending money, gathering your fellow wizard friends to play this game is a fun option and it really helps your in-game progress. If you dont have that luxury of friends who also have this game, use it as an opportunity to meet up with other players because when you team up youll get access to special rewards that are saved for just those wizard world friendships.

To get this go to the social section of the game and you’ll see special challenges to complete with friends. You’ll get bonus wizarding XP as well as a bonus from the challenges themselves.

 Save Your Potions Tip

While your galavanting around the wizard map you’ll notice there are these large red towers. Those are called fortresses and are essentially the same as gyms in Pokemon Go although you’ll find out that they do operate differently. Within the fortress you’ll find more Wizarding Challenges.


How To Play Harry Potter Wizards Unite |

These challenges are presented in whats called chambers. With each challenge you must complete the previous chamber. When first entering a fortress you’ll have access to six chambers and to take a shot at a challenge the game will require you to deposit a runestone. Runestones are collected throughout your time playing the game and can be found in various boxes as well. Runestones will determine the difficulty of the challenge and ultimately how glorious your rewards will be. Don’t waste too much time dreaming about those rewards though, because no matter how difficult or easy the challenge is the game only gives you five minutes to complete it.

Always Stay in Your Lane Tip

Now this is more of a warning than a tip or a trick. Its important to remember that just because you now possess magical powers that doesn’t mean your strong enough to defeat every monster that looks at you the wrong way. I’m implore you to make sure you fight the right monsters for your weight class.

Based on the profession you choose at the beginning of the game you will have certain advantages and disadvantages when it comes down to battling it out with the beasts of the Harry Potter augmented reality. For example Aurors which have high damage are better fit for the death eaters, while Magizoologists have an easier time with the erkling creatures.

For example Aurors which have high damage are better fit for the death eaters, while Magizoologists have an easier time with the erkling creatures.You’ll have to fail a few times to find out whether to run or fight in these battles, but when you do those monsters wont stand a chance.

Brew Faster Tip

Not only does Harry Potter Wizards Unite allow you to brew your own potions which is a big step from just clicking a button that says brew, but it also allows you to brew them faster.

When you’re at a cauldron you’ll have to perform a range of different gestures and when done correctly it will speed up your brew time. If you tap the info button on your brewing screen you’ll get to see all of the different gestures or symbols that you can draw into the cauldron.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Advanced Tips
brew faster tip

These will range from stirring in a counterclockwise motion to pinching the liquid on your screen to even just shaking your phone. The great thing about this feature is that once you nail the perfect combination the sequence will be saved for future brewing sessions.

Dark Detectors Tip

On your map just like in the game Pokemon Go you’ll see various buildings outlined in purple, these are essential to your growth and are called Inns.

Inns will provide you with spell energy, but well get to that in a bit.Spell energy aside, what you don’t want to miss out on at the Inns are the dark detectors. At the bottom of your screen you’ll see a tab called Dark Detectors.

These are the Wizard Unites version of lures, but instead of them appearing around your character they are deployed at the inns.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Advanced Tips
Dark Detector tips

As the Pottermore twitter page explains the traces help you discover foundables, things such as beasts, objects and people pulled out of time and even memory.

When you deploy a detector it will last for 30 minutes and the game allows you to place up to three of them at once. The more you have the stronger the trace will be around the inn.

Always Charge Up Mobile

This final tip is not really about the game, but it is.. As you’re exploring your city and casting spells, brewing potions and visiting Hagrid’s Hut the last thing you’ll want to happen is for your phone battery to die. Therefore it may be a smart move to purchase a battery pack, you can get them relatively cheap right now and even if you’re not playing Wizards Unite at the time it’ll still come in handy.


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