Goddess of genesis reroll Guide & Reroll Tier List

Finally, Goddess of genesis has been released globally worldwide. It is the best thing to do reroll at starting from the game to get the best SSR gacha. This will make your future game more easier.

Goddess of genesis reroll Guide

There are to ways to do reroll. First is using any multiple social media account either use your multiple Gmail account or any social media account like FB. The second way is that start play games as a guest account. This is a recommended way. But in this game, when you didn’t get any higher tier heroes, you have to need to delete your game data and start the game again.

But in this game, when you have deleted game data, and start the game again, it will say that download 1 GB data again. So it is a better choice to use multiple Gmail accounts if you have a lack of Internet Data. However, if you have a highspeed wifi network, then It is better to use the guest account as rerolling.

Follow the below step to do reroll in the game.

  • Start the game and play the beginning tutorial of the game.
  • During the tutorial, you will get one SR Hero called Cupid( Depend on luck)
  • Once, you unlocked summon option in the game at end of tutorial
  • Collect all Pre Reg. rewards from Mailbox and go to summon
  • You will get many banner there. Select your one and start summoning with your 10 pull tickets
  • If you will get any good SSR heroes, continues with the game otherwise do as said above

Reroll Tier List

It is a better choice to get SSR Heroes while rerolling. Below list of SSR Heroes that you can aim during reroll.

  • Merlin – SSR Tier
  • Lilith – SSR Tier
  • Lucifer – SSR Tier
  • Isabella – SS Tier
  • Hades – SS Tier
  • Dracula – SS Tier
  • Valkyrie – SS Tier
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