GI Joe: War on Cobra Beginners Guide & Tips – Tricks

GI Joe: War On Cobra is one amazing building based strategy game. Get Guide on GI Joe: War on Cobra and tips to level up and increasing EXP in the game.

If you are familiar with Clash of Clan or any other building farming game then you will easily understand the core mechanic of this game. However, there are many other changes you will get in this game called GI Joe: War on Cobra.

GI Joe: War on Cobra is farming building based game. It means you have need to build your custom village or city and attack on others to get loot or gold and level up in the game.

GI Joe: War on Cobra Beginners Guide & Tips

In this game, basically you have to do take the battle with the enemy base by going to world map. By tapping on the map icon, you will redirect the world map. Where you can see all different bases of your opponent and you can choose anyone from there to enter the battle.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

Keep in mind that it is compulsory to get three-star to get cargo box at the end of the battle. In case, you will fail to get three-star then you will not get any cargo box at the end of battle.

You are free to change your faction

Yes, as you know that at the beginning of the game, you had two options to choose your heroes such as GI Joe or Cobra.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

However, you can change it after the late game. There are two different to do it.

  1. By tapping on the profile icon
  2. By tapping on faction change icon

In the first method, you can tap on your profile button and change your fiction by a tap on faction change button.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

In the second method, you direct change your current faction by a tap on the change faction button.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

Collect your monthly daily rewards

From the first day to the next 30 days, you will get daily rewards. There are no such rules for playing the game and get rewards. You can just collect it’s all by just opening the game once in one day.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

Don’t focus upgrade your headquarter

There is one HQ in the game. This HQ work as Townhall of Clash of a clan. Once, you upgrade your HQ, you will get more extra defense.

GI Joe: War on Cobra guide

So it is a good thing for you to upgrade your HQ when you all pending defense upgraded with your HQ.

Focus on resource building

There are mainly two major resources in the game. These are minerals and gold. Gold are used to upgrade your building, heroes, etc. While the mineral is used in battle.

Oil rig one resource producer of these minerals. As you upgrade your oil rig, the average capacity of production will increase.

Upgrade your Squad Heroes

By tap on the squad icon, you will get a heroes’ collection screen. You have to need to upgrade those. To upgrade your heroes, choose any heroes and press on the upgrade icon. As you level up your hero, next up-gradation will need more gold to upgrade to the next level.

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