GetCha Ghost: The Haunted House Guide & Tips

Getcha Ghost is one perfect game for adventure. This is a puzzle-based game and also it comes with lots of ghost cards. In this guide, you will get some tips and guide for getcha ghost game. check out tips for GetCha Ghost: The Haunted House.

In Getcha Ghost, You have to need to capture different types of ghosts and participate in the battle. Each ghost has different kinds of energy and power. So it depends on you which type of ghosts, you will choose for the battle. Also, the game is based on the puzzle. So to defeat ghost, you have to need to solve block puzzle and get energy from its. As you earn more energy for your ghost heroes, the chance to defeat ghosts increases.

However. You also get daily rewards and events in the game. To participate in the events and get rewards.

GetCha Ghost Game Guide & Tips

Before you start a getcha ghost game, You have to know these tips, which helps you clear any mission. If you go with these tips in the game, you easily understand more about this game.

Capture More Ghost and Use All

Capture ghost is one key thing of success in the game. Because capturing will give you ghosts and these ghosts are help you clear mission in the game. You can capture ghost by spending goblin taffies or giant taffies. Both are will give you ghost.

GetCha Ghost guide tips

However, while you spending goblin taffies, you will get SS,  S, A, B, C type of ghost. When giant taffies will give you SS, S and A type of ghost.

Note: SS means more powerful and C mean less than all.

SS>S>A>B>C – Power Ranking

If you want to capture ghosts much easier, you better use goblin taffies. If you see giants taffy in the capture mode, you will get higher ranked ghost. You can also buy these giants taffy by spending goblin taffy. To capture more ghost is the best key to success in the game.

Always Choose Powerful Ghost for Your Team

It is very obvious that you have to choose a powerful ghost always. Because SS and S are a very powerful ghost in the whole game. So I suggest you always add SS and S type of ghost in your team. However, In case you have not any SS or S type of ghost, you could go with A tier ghost.

Personally, I am satisfied with A tier ghost. it also gives amazing job in the battle. So There is no problem to choose A tier ghost. But I always recommend SS and S. Never go with B and C.There was useless for me.

Try to Understand Blocks & Puzzle

Once, You entered in Battle, Your main job will be started. You have to need to solve the puzzle in the battle. As you earning energy for ghosts, your ghost will start to give damage to an enemy ghost.

You have toed to combining more than 2 blocks of the same colors and tap them to pop. The ghost with the same colors as the blocks will attack the demon. The number of attacks is the number of blocks you have just popped.

Note: Yellow Block helps you earn gold also. So keep the quick focus on

Always Focus on Blocks Combination

Known perfect blocks for combination are another key to success in this game. Combining 2 to 4 blocks will not give you any special items.

Combination Blocks Rewards

If you combine 5 yo 6 blocks of the same color, then you will get shinbi. If you tap on it, it will remove a line of blocks horizontally or vertically.

If you gather 7 to 8 blocks of the same color, you will get shinbi mark. When you tap on it, it removes the blocks around you.

If you gather 9 to 10 blocks of the same color, you will get a shinbi bat. The bat item will be created in the same color as the blocks you have just popped. If you tap on it, every block of the same color will just away.

However, If you get two or more items are next to each, you can combine them to use.

  • Shinbi Goblin + Shinbi Goblin
  • Shinbi  Goblin + Shinbi Mark
  • Shinbi Goblin + Shinbi Bat
  • Shinbi Bat + Shinbi Bat

Focus On Charging Your Characters

As you remove the number of blocks, your character also charged according to its. If you remove more, its charge more. Remove less mean charge less.

Whenever your character charged fully, It will notify you to use its skill. This skill helps you attack the demon. These skills attack more powerful than a normal attack. Whenever you combine 11 blocks of the same color, ghost energy will appear. If you tap on the mark, a ghost energy item will be created.

Use Your All Chances of Removing Blocks

Keep remembering that you have a limited number of chances to remove blocks. You see left chances at the left upper screen of your mobile.

When you defeat the demon, you will get extra chances. But also remember, a number of chances can only be charged up to 30 at most.


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