Gears Pop Game : Tier List – Get Your Best Pin in Game

There are so many pins in this game. But players are very very confusing regarding choosing the best pins for their squads. Because without choosing pins and experiments, You can not judge anything. So here, We come with gears pop game First-tier list.

Gears pop tier list for choosing best pins for squads. There is a total of 38 pins in this game but each work different., So tier list helps you to choose your best pins.

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Gears Pop Game: Tier List

S Tier

Ink Grenade

Ink Grande is one of the best grenades from other grenades. You could use this ink grenade as defensively if anyone places an emergence hole behind your buildings. Other this grenade help you as a finisher when you need to destroy lower building at the end of just battle.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Ink Grenade | Role : Removal | Type : Common

However, you can also use ink grenade as a combo with an emergence hole.  These both will do the best work for you.

Emergence Hole

The final one is very powerful to the touch. Regardless of which field you cover, it can be placed completely anywhere that gives it more power than it should.



The deadline is very crucial. With its range, you can place it from the first cover point you capture, and it can reach objectives, with half the play point of the map reaching the enemy in the rear. He can shoot backward. Resistance is difficult unless you can get close. It is far less likely to stop fulfilling a health goal than a backpack without stopping.

A Tier

Old Man Marcus

This is a great Bruiser pin for starting. It has a very powerful ability. But time is needed to avoid a sniper shop or grenade. One hand can take a large amount of field. DPS is 60% higher than JD and Baird (1) for less cost.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Old Man Marcus | Role: Bruiser | Type: Legendary


Carmine works very powerfully when it along to Dominic Santiago and Old Man Marcus. It can clear out several units in one strike and has the benefit of doing massive damage to objectives. It worth nothing Hammer Of Dawn and frags. So keep in mind this.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Ink Grenade | Role : Threat| Type : Rare 

Augustus Cole

It is very versatile and fits into any build you want, like the sole tank. You will find that its weaknesses are shocking, but I have not found a viable strategy with it, which, given its popularity, is not among many.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Augustus Cole | Role: Tank | Type: Rare

Dominic Santiago

This is the best pin for heal. If you only land it on a dom pin, which is unbelievably valuable for its price, let other high health units cure it. It’s kind of a unit of its own. At a high level with H૦૦ HP Plus, it’s unbeatable if it doesn’t explode.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Dominic Santiago | Role: Utility | Type: Epic

B Tier

Savage Grenadier

Not only does the cover but the grenade damage is even wider at higher levels. So it’s normal to see them there. The ability to hit multiple units at once while holding the cover is really strong and can produce a lot of tempi.

savage grenadier gears pop

Pin Name: Savage Grenadier | Role: Bruiser | Type: Common

Reyna Diaz

Reyna is not versatile, but she has enough strength in her execution to be useful. She’ll end up by herself a lot but great at clearing out approaching lines and reaching the other end.
But she has as much power as can be useful for execution. She’ll finish a lot by herself, but it’s great to get close to the lines and get to the other end.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Reyna Diaz| Role: Threat| Type: Epic 


Shepherds  are combination of 3 units at only 3 energy cost. So it is very amazing. They aim away from your more important pin. Only a high level because they fit the best strategy at the moment to support Cole, Carmine, Dominic Santiago, and other characters.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Shepherds | Role: Scout | Type: Common

 Marcus Fenix

Once it has taken off all the covers, it is designed to take the fastest, best pin, it does its job very much and if it does, it will always be out.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Marcus Fenix | Role: Bruiser | Type: Epic

Frag Grenade

Frag grenade is always a useful pin. It can only condemn a very weak objective. It doesn’t level well, it won’t finish their characters at the same medium / high level.

Lancer Crew

Major benefit of Lancer Gear gear is it has only 1 energy cost. So it can fit into popular strategies of cycling quickly and as a cheap way of holding ground or backing up a fight in a pinch, quickly taking cover, or aiding an Emergence Hole as Emergence Hole wretches will be several levels lower than this pin.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Lancer Crew | Role: Bruiser | Type: Rare


Longshot is  Really good at letting your opponents sit in the backline out of favorite high-level characters. Count by frags, but if your opponent does not have a straight counter or has a poor deck of pins, the longshot pin is the one that can make the most of the investment.

C Tier

Kait Diaz

Kaiz Diaz is a special character but can be sustained damage to the game if supported by the proper deck.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Kait Diaz| Role: Threat| Type: Epic 

Gnasher Gang

Gnasher Gang has power and speed. If you’re on backfoot it’s really good at clearing up pesky longshots and making some traction down the line. Enough bodies and momentum to propel the royal grenade that is commonly used for bunches. Extreme damage to objectives.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Gnasher Gang  | Role: Bruiser | Type: Rare


I would argue that you are better off using Carmine for what they do at a cheaper price. Better to put them in the middle so they can hang and shoot from both sides, most of the counters they are on are cover-based pins. Between 2, the grinder probably has an edge.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Boomer  | Role: Bruiser | Type: Rare

Damon Baird

Damon Baird‘s ability to create a turret increases JD’s ability. They get points at ‘average speed’ but they don’t move as fast as both mark pins. That makes sense for Baird as his tackle can help win the fight for the invasion, but Jedi only sits longer after the point is captured. Compare that with Savage Grenadier, who gets points at the same rate, does more damage to his cost and Baird.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Damon Baird| Role: Scout | Type: Epic

Skorge Legendary

Skorge is one Legendary gear. Which is great for tearing down other characters, just let it fall below capacity, which is a bit unbelievable, it doesn’t work on the units behind the cover, and if it’s too close it won’t dive into that pin.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Skorge | Role : Bruiser | Type : Legendary 


Wretches are Better than what they’re designed to do, be sure to put them in the cover first, but they’ll tear if they don’t get the cover.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Wretches  | Role: Scout | Type: Rare

Hammer of Dawn

By Hammer of Dawn, I’ve been hit by it a lot, but it’s a big loss of tempo so you can take advantage of it once it’s used. If your strategy is to cause rapid damage to the construction then an objective can be well concluded. Even at the maximum level, you will only be able to accomplish the 40% objective.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Hammer Of Dawn | Role: Removal | Type: Epic

Locust Drone

Locus Drone Can be combined because it calculates some popular units well but (4) at a price, you are usually better off playing a character or longshot.

locust drone gears pop

Pin Name: Locust Drone | Role: Bruiser | Type: Common

D Tier

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade very useful for spectacular purposes of harming or destroying a small pin fight in your favor, it still feels like (2) to spend more than (3) to make it more practical, you also need a good understanding. It’s a game to use and it draws attention from other tasks you’re doing to use it properly.

Shock Barrier

Shock Barrier Built to prevent the characters that come to your objectives quickly, re-placement is so important that they can be wasted. They would have been great against Emergence Hole, if not for the fact that he was allowed to put it behind your line.

Pin Name : Shock Barrier | Role : Utility | Type : Common

DR – 1

DR -1 similar work like Augustus cole. Those unique effects are not great, suicide damage is weak and radius is really small. Objectives do not take the full amount. Very slow with a mantle kick as it stops shooting which is a drawback.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Dr – 1 | Role : Tank | Type : Epic 

Shock Grenade

Shock Grenade Goes very well with a boomer or grenadier. It slows down enemies, but only buys time, it’s better than spending time on your units that have good abilities in the field, or something that is really counters intuitive.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Shock Grenade | Role : Utility | Type : Common


It has the unique effect that it is invulnerable when it is about to start from scratch so it does not really kick a bit so it is possible that the unit was severely damaged before it started firing.


It is difficult to determine the support power it is given, but overall it is lagging in power and HP. There are better (3) units to choose from.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Kantus | Role : Utility | Type : Common


Decoy Can be a great counter for seeder. Its use is very narrow and not effective enough because its uptime is too short.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Decoy | Role : Utility | Type : Common


When it hits you will feel very bad. Don’t hit the units behind the covers so only really good against juniors and shepherds. Not enough damage to the big targets and character pins will not succeed.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Nemacysts  | Role : Removal | Type : Common


Myrrah takes 7 costs to produce. Very fun to use, but the level of evil slowly increases with it. Do not use the first pin as it can easily cope with its speed. She is not effective or fast enough for her cost and her AI is very slow so your loss per second is less than what it says.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name: Myraah | Role: Brusier | Type: Legendary

F Tier

Drone Division

Drone Division is the most expensive pin from every other pins. I don’t know why or anyone has seen him play at any level, it’s really bad to use a fully developed row of powers on this unit.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Drone Dision | Role : Brusier | Type : Rare


The damage it does to units in between him and the target is very poor considering the chances of getting high in the crossfire. Outclassed completely by Long Shot.

gears pop pins list

Pin Name : Deadeye | Role : Scout | Type : Rare

Shock Tracker

Shock Tracker has only 1 cost energy. That spectacular period does not rise to equilibrium and HP only to a lesser extent. There are more low-cost options for strolling or spectacular. Despite the name, it just doesn’t shock all the stunts. Even at such a low HP, it’s not a good decoy.


Just ‘blinkers on purpose’ AI is not good enough. Almost any other unit will get a big advantage that way because Butcher pays no attention to those units. Very slow ‘Objectives’ only justify the expense, while/if it creates a loss is sufficient. Coal, Carmine, gnasher pin to further your use of pins.

Butcher tank gear pop

Pin Name : Butcher | Role : Tank | Type: Epic

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