Gears Pop Review : Is Microsoft need little improvement in Game?

Gears Pop Game

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Game Graphics




Game Overall Concept


Gears - Weapons



  • Good Graphics
  • Lots of Gears - Weapons
  • Four Different Mode for Playing


  • Google Play Game not Support
  • Similar Concept like Other PvP Game

After playing 2 days of gears pop game, I have get some good feature and also get some bad problem which arise problem for me.

Gears pop is one amazing PvP game. But is very similar like other PvP game such as Clash Royale, Because there are no any new concept offer by Gears Pop. But still You will new features in this game.

Gears Pop Review

Is Microsoft need little improvement in Game?

I main faced problem while starting of game is that I had not find any Google Play Store connection option which connect my game with play game. Because Play game is only one pre built feature which help you connect your android game with play game. But many game company also providing other social media to connect your game with its. But In gears pop, Microsoft give only one option for you. You must have Xbox account or if you have not any xbox account. Then go to create first it and come again for connect with it.

So i think, This is cons of this game. Because there are most of android user over worldwide. So maybe android user always wish that his game connect with play game.


Game provide more option for Play Game

Game is provide four different mode for game playing. This is amazing . Because I play many PvP Game, But i had not find such this option.

In this game, you will get four mode.

  1. Versus Mode – Live Player Vs Player
  2. Boot Camp Mode – Tactical Challenges to Earn Rewards
  3. Practice Mode – To more Practice
  4. Horde Mode – Co- Op Battle

So this is one good feature because you can try different mode and get enjoy of all its. Also each mode help you increasing your experience and give more ideas of this game.

No lack of Gears – Weapons

In this game, You will not facing lack of gears. Because at now, Game is giving 38 different type of gears such as Tanks, Utility etc. So it is enough for playing game. Gears is work as weapons for you.

So maybe in future, Microsoft will give update and you may get more gears in this game.

You can’t leave Battle after it has been started once

I faced this problem. Because once you enter in battle, there are no any quit button for leave battle. Because many game provide this feature.


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1 year ago

Yes.. I also faced Google Play Game connection problems.