Gears POP Game Guide, Strategy & Tips

If you love playing PvP Online game then  Gears Pop is one brand-new game for you. Gears Pop is an offer by Microsoft Corporation. This is one amazing Online Player vs Player game for mobile devices. Also, Ios users can play this game by download from iTunes.

Gear pop game is based on Gears which is work as weapons in this game. There are more than 30 gears- weapons in this game that help you to win the battle. However, you need to unlock gears by reaching a level up and getting more points- trophies. Also, the game is giving Amazing Live PvP battlefields  Ground which is so pretty good.

Gear Pop giving the option to build your squad for going in battle. You can customize your squad and create more than four different squads for a different type of battle. The ultimate benefit of this thing is that, Before going to battle, you don’t need to create your new squad. Because you have already created a squad earlier. So just your squad and go with it.

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In this guide, you will get a basic guide for Gears pop game which helps you understand more about the game. In this guide, You will get Gears POP Game Guide & Tips.

Gears Pop Game Guide & Tips

There are some certain things which you need to know before going to battle in gears pop game. Such as gears which are your weapons, Arena, trophies, etc.

First Known Your Gear – Weapon

In this game, there are many gears and each has its power and work. If you will starting doping gears everywhere then you will never win any battle. So first know your gears.

In Gears Pop game, gears are classified as Tank, Scout, Bruiser, removal, Utility, etc. So without identifies and having information, you can’t put any gears in the battleground. Because in live battle, You must have stuff knowledge about your gears and its works and what is the role of gear. So this is a basic thing which you need to always keep in mind for the Gears Pop Game.

So Check all gears before going to battle and remember its role and works in battle. This helps you in battle.

Maintain Squad Power Cost

Many new players are don’t about this feature of the game. This is a very important feature in gears pop game. Using this feature you will get the idea of your squad power.

As you can see below image, One gear has been changed from one. It affects on total overall squad power cost.

Gears POP Game Guide & Tips

Maintain Squad Power Cost

So always maintain your squad power. Squad power calculates by Sum of All Gears power / Number of total gears.

Win More Games and Get Gears Slot Box

Every winning match gives you one reward box. This is a very useful box for you. Because this is a way of unlocking new gears in-game. You can maximum put 4 gear slot box slot once. Each box takes 4 hours to unlock its. After 4 hours, you can unlock it and put another new slot gearbox by win a new match.

Gears POP Game Guide & Tips

Win More Games and Get Gears Slot Box

From this box, you will get new gears, Coins, and upgrades of new gears. This helps you to progress faster int the game.

Upgrade Your Gears

Upgrade gears from level low to level high are very important for your gears, You need to gears Box slot. Without gears slot box, You can’t upgrade your gears. Because gears slot box will give you an upgrade of your gears.

So getting an upgrade of your gear, you need to unlock gears and win more battle. This is only one way to upgrade your gears in gears pop game.

Build Powerful Squad in Your Deck

The deck is the formula of winning the battle. Because each deck will give you ideas of your squad power. So while choosing your gears for deck, Remember these few things.

Remember These Few Thing while Build Deck

  • Level of Gear
  • Power of Gear
  • Type of Gear – Tank, Scout, Bruiser, removal, Utility, etc
  • Etc

If you have any powerful squad deck, Give your best squad name in the Comment box. It helps others to make a powerful deck in Gear Pop game.

However, Practice is giving more ideas of your squad. Because without experiments of the squad, You can’t take the judgment of squad power. So always try to use different squad deck and get ideas of each. So practice more with new deck and create a more powerful deck.

Put Gears on Different Lane & Distract Enemy attention – Strategy

Sometimes, You need to Distract the attention of the enemy. This is because whenever you Distract attention of the enemy, You can take advantage of this. To do this thing, Just put any gears which are quite useful for you on enemy strong line. By this act, the enemy may try to destroy your gear and he/she will put his/her stronger gear on that lane. So this is one amazing Strategy for gears pop.

If you have other Strategies for gears pop, Drop your comment in comment box which helps others.

Unlock New Gears from Gears Slot Box

As you knew the Gear slot box will give you the chance to get new gears. So play more games and win more and more battle. So each battle can give you one slot box.

My Best Strategy for getting more new gears from box very simple. I just win four games by playing 5 to 6 matches once. And  I will put all four slots for unlocking. I wait 4 four hours and come back in-game again. Open all slots and play again 5 to 6 matches once. So this is an amazing Strategy for me. If you have any then Drop your Strategy for Gears Pop in the comment box.

Always Put First Your Less Powerful Gear in Lane – Strategy

This game is giving chance to both players ( You & Enemy ) to put your first gear in any lane. But I always wait for my opponent. But in case, Opponent doesn’t put any gear lane, Then I put my less powerful gear in the lane. This is very strategy but according to my experience, It always works for me.

Now, When you have put your gear first, It more possible that your opponent put his strongest gear in the lane. This is beneficial for you. So take this benefit and now put other similar gear.

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Amazing.. But How to unlock rare gears


I use Ink Removal in arena 1. It is amazing for me..