Game of Trenches WW1 Strategy Game Guide,Tips and Strategies

game of trenches ww1 is one strategy based game for Android and IOS platform. Game is based on farming and attaching. If you have well known about game such as COC and Boombeach.




It is very similar of those type of game.Game of Trenches is come with many new features also.Here,we will cover basic guide and tips for Game Of Trenches game.


Game of Trenches Game Guide

Basic Guide

So Game Of Trenches is one farming based game.So you need to farming something in whole game.You need to farm your own one Home or City or Village in game.You can use any word for it.This called your base.

In you base,you have do lots of farms .Such as you can farm your military bases,Your Headquarter etc.

There are mainly two type of farming in Game Of Trenches game.You also need to main its up to date with respect your Headquarter level.You can also do march on other base to earning more food and currency in game.

Economy Buildings

Economy farming mean farming which improve your base Economical power.In economy farming,you need to farm many thing in your base.

Here is list of Economy Building .

Headquarter Base

This is your main base in the game.This is also center of Your base.This base help to establish your status if front of other bases.You can update your HQ up to level 22 .

Cement Factory

This factory producing cement for your base.As you update factory,production rate of factory will automatically increasing. Cement is helping to upgrade other building.


House is also one important building your whole base.It producing cash for your base.This case also helping you to update another building in your base.

Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery producing Oil for your base.You can increasing production rate by increasing level of refinery.

Farm Building

Farm building is producing food for your base.As you increasing level of farm building,then production rate of farm building is also increasing.

Builder Hut

Each Builder's Hut comes with one Builder which allows you to build and upgrade the structures of your Home Village. This builder will helping you to upgrade other builder.


House is also known for Home For your troops.House also producing Cash and troop for you in game.You can increasing rate of cash capacity and training speed by upgrading House level.

Steelworks Building

This building is producing steel for your base.This steel is helping to upgrade other building which need to steel for updating.As you increasing steelworks building,you will get more steel per hour.


Storehouse is building which store your food,steel,cement and oil.You need to upgrading store house because during enemy attacks,if your store house is not upgrade then enemy can easily steal your food,cement and oil from store house.

So it is very  important to you that maintain your store house level with your headquarter level.

Military Buildings


This Building helping for Injured troops. Whenever you come from attack,at time some of your troops get injuries during fight. Hospital building helping these troops for recover them health.


University is also similar as Research center of your base.You can research here fro more troops,military weapons and other many thing.

Training Camp

This building is train your new troop for Attack and fight.From here,you can put new troop for your base.

This building also responsible for other shooter.You can hire new shooter and troop from here.

Supply Station

Supply station helping to giving supply to base.It allow you to  help your allies with resources.

Embassy Building

This building helping you to receiving and hold your allies troops in base.


Commander Guide

There are total nine commander in the game now.All belongs from different countries.Each of them has special skills and power.such as Troops attacks,gathering skills,health skills etc.

So,choose your commander and upgrade those.

List of All Commanders

  1. Alvin York
  2. Johann Charvat
  3. Manfired Von Richthfen
  4. Archduke Friedrich
  5. Kaiser Wilhelm II
  6. Max Mader
  7. Marry Borden
  8. Charles Riggs
  9. Seyit Cabuk

Each commanders have unique weapons and equapment.You can choose any commander as perfer your choice.

How To Unlock New Commander in Game?

Alvin York whose default commner whenever you start game first time.But you need to unlcok each commander one by one.

This is depend on your Headquarter level.As you upgrading your headqyweter level and power,new commanders will automically unlcok from Commander menu.So then you are free to choose them per your choice.


Game of Trenches Tips

There are few several tips are important while playing Game of Trenches game.Here is tips for Game of Trenches game.Check out all tips for Game of Trenches.

Join Alliance

Alliance is very helpful for beginner player.If you are beginner in Game of Trenches game,then it it better for you that instantly join any High level of alliance.Because alliance will help you to progress in game.

Alliance is similar as Clans in Clash of Clan game.It helping to your get troop from your Alliance member and also you can communicate with your alliance member.

You can also send resource to your alliance members.As well as you also get resource from your member if any one has send.

Gold Tips

Gold is very expensive in this game.You can upgrade instant any building using gold.This is work as gems.This is gems of this game.

Whenever you have full store and want to builder for upgrade new building,but at same time your builder is working on other building,then you can use gold for building updating.So this is very useful .

Headquarter Tips

Headquarter is one main biding of your base.This is very important for unlocking new commander.As you update and increasing level of Headquarter,new commanders will unlock automatically.

But never upgrade your headquarter still your all other building are not update with  level of your Headquarter level.Because in case you make this mistake,then your whole base become weaker.Because expect your HQ,your all building are weak and not updated.

Storehouse Tips

Whenever you upgrade new Headquarter,then put builder for upgrading your Store house.Because high level of store house has more capacity for storing food,cement and oil inside.

So this is better for you that first upgrade store house whenever your have upgrade new Headquarter.

Watchtower Tips

Watchtower giving your alert whenever someone are try attack on your base.So if you have high level of watchtower then you can get alert immediately.

Different level of watchtower have different desirability. You can use this all abilities by upgrading watchtower.So keep upgrade your watchtower to save from enemies attacks.


You earn reward whenever you have completed mission or daily tasks.Game will giving daily new tasks.You can earn some beautiful rewards by complete those tasks.

You can also earn reward from base mission,There are few base missions are in game.Whenever you completing it,then you get specifics reward according to mission or task.So,collect it by daily bases.This will helping you in progress to your base.

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