Fortnite How to Compare your Stats

Fortnite – How to Compare your Stats with Ninja and Other Top Players

Ever wondered how you would fare against the likes of other pro players? Here is how with a Fortnite Tracker. 

Fortnite has such a vast playerbase that it can often be divided into different groups in terms of how the game is approached. You have casual players who are here for fun, you have the players who like to focus more on the Fortnite item shop to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Then you have pro players and everything in between, with some hardcore Fortnite fans looking to emulate the greats with the use of a Fortnite Tracker

What is a Fortnite Tracker? 

There are a few different forms of a Fortnite Tracker online. These are technically unofficial ways of you keeping tabs on how you are performing in the game. Their different outlets range from sites focused on your performances with simplistic user interfaces, to revealing your progress in Save the World, then you have sites such as Fortnite Tracker Network. 

This is a resource that you might be familiar with already if you like to keep on top of how well you are performing in online shooters, as there is the option to see how well you are doing in the likes of Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends amongst others. Here you can track your Fortnite stats in particular types of match, how many kills you’ve racked up, your average kills per match, and what your kill/death ratio is, plus more stats based on where you place. 

Comparing your Fortnite Stats with Other Stars

One feature that Fortnite Tracker does have is a ranking system and score for individual players. This allows you to compare yourself with other high-profile players such as Ninja and many others who are featured on the network. All you have to do is simply search for the desired player on the Fortnite Tracker and you are good to go. Here you will get a full list of both their lifetime Fortnite stats, as well as over the last seven days. 

Fortnite How to Compare your Stats

You can see how the player you seek has performed in solo, duos, and squads, and which they are performing the best in. You can then use it to compare them to your own Fortnite stats, just make sure that you have the tracker open when you are playing the game. You can even use it to compare with friends, just in case you want to compete for those bragging rights. Regardless of what you want to use it for, Fortnite Tracker is there to help. 

If you are a player that wants to compare yourself with the elite players, then a Fortnite Tracker is certainly the way to go. It can be a fun way to not only see how well you are doing in the popular Battle Royale title, but you are also able to see how you fare against top players and your friends alike. Whatever you decide to use the tool for, it’s a great method to get you even more involved in the ever-growing Fortnite community that is constantly evolving. 

Have you used a Fortnite Tracker? Let us know in the comments section below!

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