Family Island – Farm game adventure Best Guide, Tips & Tricks to Farming Fast

If you are love farming based game then Family Island is one another brand new mobile game offered by Melsoft Games. The game is based on farm different type of material and progress more in the game. In this guide, you will get the best guide and tips for farming and how to progress fast in the game.

Family Island Best Guide

The main thing you need to do in the whole game is only farming. you have to a need to farm more and more different items such as food, energy, etc and remove other items such as grass, trees to getting more energy, foods as a reward.

How to Get More Energy?

There are mainly two ways of getting more energy in the game. By removing grass, trees, etc and by making food for your family member. However, whenever you removing grass, stones, tree, etc items, you also get some energy as the return,

Food is the best way of getting energy. Produce foods and share its on the table.

Grass Bed Tip

These is my personal tips for the new player and as well an old player. I strongly recommend you to make sure your all grass bed are together in one lane. Because when you need to remove your plants from its, you just need to swap one cutter over its. You will not need to find your grass bed everywhere wherever you plan those. So this is my personal recommendation.

Family Island guide


Rubies or diamonds are very useful in the late game. So stop wasting its on useless items. As you grow up in the game, you have to need to unlock one chest which cost is around 30 rubies. So save your rubies from starting the game and use it in the late game.

Family Island Game Tips

Here are tips for the family island game.

  • Never stop your production factory. Always producing any in the production. It will save you time and help to make more resources.
  • You can get salt from gifts left by rocks and starfish or trade the merchant for it.
  • You can decine all shaman orders or replace each of them for rubies.
  • Produce energy from foods and snacks.
  • You can get rare and magical items from the shaman.
  • Connect your game with Facebook and get rubies as rewards.
  • Stop to waste your rubies. It will help you in the last game to buy chests.
  • Get your Pre Registration rewards.

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