Fallout Shelter Online Guide

Fallout Shelter Online Guide: Best Tips, Cheats & Strategies 

Fallout Shelter Online has been released. The game is one of the amazing adventure based game for Android players. In this game, you will get many Recruit legendary heroes, Embark on a whole new adventure, you can build the ultimate team, Also do Challenge other players, and Write your legendary story on the Wasteland.

Fallout Shelter Online Guide

Check out the best new players guide for Fallout Shelter Online game.

Fallout Shelter Online Guide & Tips

Focus on Upgrade your rooms & workers

Always try to upgrade your rooms as much as possible. But most importantly the energy resource production room. It’s the only resource in the game, where I struggle gathering early. There’s no other way to get energy besides your energy production rooms and maybe some small amount on quests. But it’s not going to be enough when you reach mid-game.

Higher the worker’s level, you will get high output. Try to max your workers passive, if you have the resources. Focus first on the energy production workers. So your production rate will go up this is really important and it will help you progress on the game smoothly.

Besides leveling they’re, You also need to raise the star of your workers. Upgrading a hero is also important,  but the workers are also important to help you upgrade your buildings, or else you will hit a wall at some point in the mid-game. Where you have to wait for your productions before you can progress your heroes.

Focus on Doing your daily missions and Quest as well

I recommend you to always do your daily quests and missions as possible as faster. It will give you resources that you need to upgrade your heroes. However, other dailies will even give you blueprints gears and hero cards that you can collect.

So if you have left any mission at the end of the day, focus to do it before the next day started.

Try out to level up of your heroes and heroes gears

Don’t be afraid to level and gear other heroes. Because when you reach mid-game, you will leave at least two things to maximize your resource farming and rating.  Most players will probably have to spend resources on their heroes like R or SR and wait till they get an SSR hero.

But the problem with that is you’re will be having hard time finishing missions, if your hero is under level and not being properly.

Also, rush your command center to level 10 as soon as you can. you can unlock three slots in your resource raid. Unlock three slots on your resource raid room, you will need at least three teams to send in there so you can maximize the resources that you can gather.

Save your quantum bottles for a chance to get an SSR

Yes, Save your quantum bottles for a chance to get an SSR. Especially if you’re a f2p  player. With free cash rewards and quantum bottles, you will have a chance to draw maybe around four times from level one to 25. So better save your quantum bottle. So you can exchange them for cash.

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